Woolworths stores and trading hours

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Woolworths Specials
Woolworths Specials
Woolworths Specials

About Woolworths

Everybody knows about the Australian chain of supermarkets Woolworths or „Woolies“ which is owned by Woolworths Group. It was founded in 1924 and it is one of the biggest Australian supermarket chains accounting for more than 80 % of its market. It specializes mostly in groceries, magazines, DVDs, health and beauty products, household products, or other everyday needs products. But it’s not only that, but Woolworths is also online and you can use their online shopping options to deliver food, water, or shoes to your very own.

Six reasons why you should shop at Woolworths

  • You know you will get the best customer experience ever because of their worldwide reputation and their top-notch customer care.
  • There are many specials, deals, and sales so you can find the best item for you for the lowest price possible and you don’t have to worry about your wallet because you know you’ve just made a deal of a lifetime – every day!
  • You can use credit card effortlessly and without the need for cash which is extremely convenient when you don’t have any spare change with you.
  • You can set up an account on their official website https://www.woolworths.co.za and track your shopping list, gain bonuses, and be noticed about every ongoing sale in your locale.
  • Woolworths are popular also in South Africa and their number of branches is quickly rising. You won’t have a problem with finding a branch in your locale.
  • Woolworths also offers its financial services for those in need of extra cash. You might be surprised but the fees are even better than in the banks.

Picked your interest?

Do not wait and get to your local Woolworths as soon as possible. You can just search their official website for a „branch near me“. You might be interested in looking up their food specials or clothing on their website so you can let it be delivered to your home. Sign up on their website so you can get the latest info. And if you would like to work there, check out their Careers page and you can start right away as a part-timer or a full-time employee!

Woolworths stores