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Boxer Specials
Boxer Specials
Boxer Specials


Originally a small retailer opening in 1977, Boxer has extensively developed its brand from its original wholesaler, then known as KwaZulu Cash & Carry. Following the brand’s extension of stores in larger parts of South Africa, the company established the name “Boxer Superstores” to better identify the brand as providing goods and services at special prices.

Following a wide expansion of their superstores, Boxer entered discussions with Pick ‘n Pay, resulting in Pick ‘n Pay acquiring the Boxer company. This acquisition supported Boxer’s purpose to provide affordable products to consumers. These products include packaged foods, cleaning detergents, baby products, and hygiene products.

Thereafter, Boxer established more trading services, leading to the founding of Boxer Build and Boxer Liquors. Currently, Boxer has 250 stores across South Africa, with Boxer Superstores through Kwa-Zulu Natal, Eastern Cape, Limpopo, Gauteng, and the Western Cape. Boxer Superstores can also be found in Swaziland.

Cost-effective and quality merchandise has remained the leading objective of the Boxer name and is maintained through the Boxer Build and Boxer Liquors stores across South Africa. Boxer further aims to provide extensive specials that run across stores nationwide.

For more information on specials for this week, follow the link to their website, where you can find a complete specials catalogue including a wide range of affordable sale items, promotions, and competitions.

For customers interested in DIY & garden at Boxer Build, you can find useful catalogues detailing affordable products available. Information regarding liquor specials available in each area, as well as specials in the Eastern Cape, specials in Gauteng, and specials in Limpopo, all of which can be found on the Boxer website.


  • Extensive Range of Cost Effective Goods: Nation-wide Boxer Superstores offer affordable goods in all departments. In keeping with their goals, Boxer aims to provide quality products to middle and low-income masses.
  • Exceptional Services: Boxer aims to assist all customers by providing credit, LOTTO, and money transfer services so that they are more easily assessable.
  • Convenience: With 250 stores across South Africa, Boxer provides customers with the convenience of locating stores in areas throughout each province.
  • Social Awareness: Boxer participates with Ubuntu Projects to ensure community growth by engaging in activities to better the communities that they serve.
  • Regular Specials: Boxer provides specials on quality products regularly. These specials are also nation-wide, allowing customers to easily access affordable products from anywhere in the country.


Boxer Superstores are located nationally with 250 stores across South Africa. Please access the store locator to find one near you. Trading hours are Monday-Friday: 08:00am – 17:00pm and Saturdays: 08:00am-13:00pm.

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