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Dis-Chem has preserved its respectable name as a leading pharmaceutical, beauty, and health retailer in South Africa since it’s opening in 1978. Currently, with over 100 stores across South Africa, Dis-Chem has provided customers with convenient products and services available in store.

The convenient services available at Dis-Chem include in-store pharmaceutical dispensaries, family clinics to ensure your health care needs are met, and medications for self-care outside of the pharmacy.

Specialising in nutrition, sports supplements, and beauty & health, Dis-Chem offers a wide range of products available for all customer preferences. These products range from hair care, nutritional supplements, baby care, and cleaning detergents. In addition, Dis-Chem offers its own range of cleaning and beauty & health products at an affordable rate.

These Dis-Chem products have been admired for their mild impact on skin and hair care, as well as their non-toxic ingredients. Dis-Chem has also become a popular choice for consumers due to their on-going sales and promotions on various products. Special prices at Dis-Chem allow customers to achieve their health and beauty care needs at affordable prices.

Promotions often include baby specials for child-care products, medication specials for both self-care and pharmacy products, and Black Friday specials available every November. The Dis-Chem Beauty Fair runs from February to March each year, with massive specials on beauty-related products.

These specials can be found on the Dis-Chem online catalogue via their website https://www.dischem.co.za. A brochure of Dis-Chem’s Loyalty Benefit Card can also be accessed here.



Customers can find the Dis-Chem closest to them with 100 stores across the country. Stores can be located via the Dis-Chem website at https://www.dischem.co.za. Trading hours may vary from store to store.


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