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Game Specials
Game Specials
Game Specials


Game, a subsidiary of Massmart Holdings, is a discount retailer of general merchandise and non-perishable groceries. Game was founded in 1970 in Durban on the principle of making shopping a pleasant experience.

Today there are 110 stores in 12 countries with the headquarters in Sandton, South Africa. These stores are located across the country including stores in Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, Johannesburg, Durban, and more locations.

The many products available at Game include electrical & home appliances, mobiles and computers, baby products, sporting equipment, DIY and auto accessories, household and gardening items, health and beauty products, and liquor.

The many store specials available nationwide offer customers’ even lower prices on all items, ensuring the best prices on the market. These specials include (but are not limited to) TV specials, electronic specials, stationary specials, and much more.

For more information on product prices, visit their website

Customers can also access the store’s catalogue containing online leaflets of current sale items here. Black Friday specials are available yearly each November.


  • Low Prices: Game offers the lowest prices on all products in comparison to other general merchandise retailers in the market.  
  • Excellent Specials: Regular specials are offered on a wide range of items so that customers can pay less on their purchases. 
  • Online Shopping Services: With a convenient online shopping platform, customers can purchase their preferred items on the given website through a quick and easy process.
  • Financial services: Game offers several ways to shop on credit.
  • Rewards App: Make your shopping even more fun buy installing Game’s Rewards App for unique opportunities to save.
  • Corporate Social Investment: Game invests at least 1% of its profits into local society by supporting educational efforts for the underprivileged.


With stores located in popular shopping centres, you can find the store nearest you via the store finder here. Trading hours are from Monday-Friday: 09:00am-19:00pm, Saturday: 09:00am-18:00pm, and Sunday: 09:00am-17:00pm. Trading hours may vary depending on each store.    

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