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About Mango

Retailer Punto Fa, S.L. from Spain under the brand Mango is one of the worldwide selling clothing design and manufacturing company which was founded in 1984 in Barcelona by two brothers. Mango is known all across the globe and with its good reputation and many satisfied customers, it ranks as one of the top brands where you can find all kinds of modern clothing. Their official website is your gateway in South Africa to on-line shopping and catalog viewing of the 21st century.

Why shop at Mango?

Mango is favored by its customers by low prices for high-quality clothing of all kinds, ranging from dresses to shirts and pants. If you are looking for modern clothes for the best price available on the internet, you should check out their sales and specials. You will find a new sale every week so customers have always a variety of clothing to choose from. If you are interested in the latest fashion, you should definitely watch out for new collections of clothes. Prices are always changing as clothes every season so you should be on your watch because you never know. You can also rest assured that such a brand will go great lengths to deliver to you fashionable pieces of clothing with a focus on environment and ecology from manufacturing to delivering clothes to your locale.

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Check in on their website or visit them in your locale, whether you’re in Johannesburg, Cape Town or any other South African town, you will find a branch near you. If you have any inquiries or questions, you should contact them and they will prove to you that their customer care is top-notch and almost perfect. And if you prefer to shop on-line, you can have your clothes delivered almost anywhere. And if you are interested in working at Mango, you should check their „Careers“ page for more info about open job positions.

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