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Camping with the proper gear

If you like outdoors, you have heard about Cape Union Mart which will set you up for an adventure of your lifetime – wherever it will be! It’s a trusted destination for all wilderness enthusiasts, travellers and explorers who like to hike, walk, run or do literally anything on fresh air. The store was first opened in 1993 in Cape Town by Philip Krawitz where it supplied mostly army troops, navy and passing fishermen on their journeys. However, founder soon realized that you can find much more civilian customers who just wish to escape the wilderness of stone and concrete jungle and dive into the real natural world and admire its beauties. Their beautiful official website offers much more.

Pick your gear at Cape Union Mart

You should equip yourself and shop at Cape Union Mart – why? Except for today’s standard way of shopping online, you can visit them at one of their branches all over South Africa or on the border with Botswana and Lesotho. You will be surprised how well stocked their stores are and how good the e-shop responds to your every need. You will find every little or big thing a survivalist or outdoorsman needs to enjoy his well-earned stay in nature. You can choose from various brands that offer the highest quality gear that you can depend on even in the most tiresome situations. You can also set up your account which will make shopping more easier and you can check out their goods every time there is a sale or Black Friday or some specials going on. So it doesn’t matter if you are from Cape Town, Johannesburg, Cape Gate or Centurion, just search the web for „Cape Union Mart branch near me“ and you will be fine.

On your way!

Tygersvalley never looked so good, Ballito the same and Walmer Park is as close as your garden – with the right gear, you won’t know the difference between the distances. Even Canal Walk will truly be a walk. Buy your shoes, your jackets and bags and other products and prepare yourself for an adventure of a lifetime. Or you can just start working for them at their head office in Cape Town so you can be the adventurer’s friend.

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