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Any 2 for R265 (Equates to R132.50 p/unit) aro aro dishwash liquid ant-bacterial crus dishwash liquid lomon Any 4 for R95 (Equates to R23.75 p/unit) Any 4 for R100 (Equates to R25.00 p/unit) DISHWASH LIQUID REFILL CLEANED CLEANER PURPOSE CLEAN DISHWASH DISHWASH LIQUID 260 m (m) ALL PURPOSE CLEANER REFILL 750m HANDY ANDY Any 2 for R113 (Equates to R56.50 p/unit) EARRABALL BUEARTH 50 HANDY ANDY HANDY ANDY 30 LOOR & ALL CLEANE Any 2 for R130 (Equates to R65.00 p/unit) собра Cobra ARO Dishwash Liquid (All variants) 5 L 2 for R179 (Equates to R89.50 p/unit) m Dishwashing Liquid or Refill (All variants) 750 ml Any 2 for R119 (Equates to R59.50 p/unit) m All Purpose Cleaner or Refill (All variants) 750 ml Any 3 for R79 (Equates to R26.33 p/unit) HANDY ANDY Floor & All Purpose Cleaner (All variants) 1.5 L Any 3 for R89 (Equates to R29.67 p/unit) COBRA 2-in-1 Active Tile Cleaner (All variants) 1.5 L Any 4 for R135 (Equates to R33.75 p/unit) TWINSAVER TWINSAVER m (m) (m) m (m m m m OVEN CLEANER AIR FRYER m Sheen Sheen BRAAI & GRID CLEANER CLEANER THICK THICK THICK BLEACH BLEACH ANTI-BACTERIAL BLEACH THIN THIN ANTS BACTERIAL Clear View ClearView ClearView ClearView BLEACH BLEACH THIN BLEACH TWINSAVER 1-Ply Unwrapped Toilet Tissue 15's m Oven, Braai & Grid or Air Fryer Cleaner 750 ml more A less SUPER AKER POCKETS GREEN SUPER ER POCKETS SOAKER TWINSAVER GREEN CHOICE & SMART CHOIC 100% sustainable material 100% recyclable packaging Strong and absorbent m Thick Bleach (All variants) 750 ml 3 for R155 (Equates to R38.33 p/unit) aro paper serviettes aro m Thin Bleach (All variants) 1.5 L 3 for R115 (Equates to R38.33 p/unit) MR SHEEN ClearView Glass Cleaner (All variants) 1L 2 for R170 (Equates to R85.00 p/unit) MCLING WRAP paper serviettes 9.5 MICRON aro paper serviettes ATERI ARO Jumbo Serviettes White 1-Ply 200's 4 Raller Towels 2 for R150 (Equates to R75.00 p/unit) Forgy we vot TWINSAVER CHOICE SMART CHOICE 100% sustainable material 100% recyclable packaging Strong and absorbent 4 Railer Towels 2 for R75 (Equates to R37.50 p/unit) Any 2 for R200 (Equates to R100.00 p/unit) EXTENDS MCLING WRAP A MICRON m Cling Wrap Refill 300 mm x 30 m Any 2 for R178 (Equates to R89.00 p/unit) Mortein Mortein Peaceful Sleep Peaceful Sleep NaturGard sturGard Insect Repellent INDOOR EUCALYPTUS (8) wis TWINSAVER Classic White Roller Towels 4's PEACEFUL SLEEP Repellent 150 g Any 2 for R270 (Equates to R135.00 p/unit) 2 for R399 (Equates to R199.50 p/unit) AVY DUTY FOR PL m Heavy Duty Foil Refill 450 mm x 20 m Any 3 for R97.50 (Equates to R32.50 p/unit) Mortein Mortein Mortein BALLY CRAWLING INSECT KILLER MULTI INSECT RILLER MULTI INSECT KILLER MORTEIN NaturGard Automatic Control System Refill (All variants) 236 ml 2 for R229 (Equates to R114.50 p/unit) MORTEIN Multi Insect Killer (All variants) 300 ml Any 2 for R115 (Equates to R57.50 p/unit) Vanish OSON ONE ALEACH FRIE UOUS Vanish CHLORINE BLEACH FREELIQUE OMO Auto OMO Aauto 4 kg 4 kg ARIEL ARIEL AUTOMATIC AUTOMATIC L skip ANTI-AGEING DETERGENT skip ANTI-AGEING DETERGENT 50% Sta VANISH In-Wash Stain Remover (All variants) 2 L 2 for R265 (Equates to R132.50 p/unit) OMO Auto Detergent Liquid (All variants) 3 L 2 for R270 (Equates to R135.00 p/unit) ARIEL Automatic Liquid 3L 2 for R360 (Equates to R180.00 p/unit) SKIP Auto Detergent Liquid 2L 2 for R229 (Equates to R114.50 p/unit) STA-SOFT Fabric Softener (All variants) 2 L 2 for R225 (Equates to R112.50 p/unit) Sunlight Sunlight 2inl 2in1 SPRING SENATIEN SPRING SENSATIONS SUNLIGHT Hand Washing Powder 5 kg TOUGH STAIN REMOVAL TOUGH STAIN REMOVAL OMO auto OMO ARIEL auto AUTO skip skip SCIENTIFICALLY FORMULATED ANTI-AGEING DETERGENT SCRATIFICALLY ROLATED ANTI-AGEING DETERGENT ARIEL AUTO 30 30 AUTO WASHING POWDER AUTO WASHING POWDER OMO Auto Washing Powder 4 kg ARIEL Auto Washing Powder 4 kg Prices valid until Sunday 28 April 2024 5/2024 STEELHILL_MKNTFD4281 Terms and conditions apply. For our full disclaimer, please see the back page of this promotion. SKIP Auto Washing Powder 3 kg 9 OMO A3x XOMO 3x OMO Auto Capsules 22's makro

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