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SAVE R50 R220 NAZO NESCAFE WITH CARD Nescafé Ricoffy Instant Coffee 1,5kg Ricoly Share the fresh, smooth taste SAVE R26 R169 wilmar WITH CARD Excel Excelle Parboiled Long Grain Rice 10kg NIK NAKS BEEF BBQ MAIZE SNACK SAVE R10 ANY 4 FOR R50 WITH CARD Simba Nik Naks Maize Snack All Variants 4 x 135g SAVE R40 ANY 4 FOR R100 WITH CARD Clover Manhattan Ice Tea All Variants 4 x 1,5€ Soluble Chicory and Coffee Granules KOO Pach Slices is Sy + KOO Fruit th Halves in Syrup SAVE R18 ANY 2 FOR R80 WITH CARD Koo Peach Halves/ Slices 2 x 825g BEST QUALITY LONG GRAIN PARBOILED RICE white cook &fluffy GI 10 kg NIK NAKS ORIGINAL CHEESE AIZE S RED A NIK NAKS Flamin Hor Manhattan ICE TEA Black Fot LEMON FLAVOURED ICE TEA Clover Manhattan ICE TEA 50 Black S OVER 1500 DEALS EVERY WEEK SASKO SELF RAISING WHEAT FLOUR SAVE R11 ANY 2 FOR R39 WITH CARD Sasko Self Raising Flour All Variants 2 x 1kg MULTIPACK COMBO Marie on Creams SASKO BIAN RICH HEAT FLOUR Colden Cloud CHOCOLATE + SAVE R17 ANY 2 FOR R59 WITH CARD olden Cloud Golden Cloud Premix All Variants 2 x 1kg FLAVOURED SNOWFLAKE too fresh to cake whe flour MEAL + aking powder SAVE R17 BOTH FOR R59 WITH CARD Snowflake Cake Flour 2,5kg & Baking Powder Refill 200g. LOOK TAST Jungle Oats The palmie 2kg SAVE R20 R65 WITH CARD Jungle Oats Porridge 2kg Врасон M3kg Pasta MACARONI Quality SAVE R10 R75 WITH CARD Mr. Pasta Macaroni 3kg Reason 400g Aen ero Mal MON FLAVOURED ICE TEA BOKDIAN NEW LOOK SAME TASTE ProNutro Manhattan ICE TEA 50 Black To FLAVOURED ICE TEA PLANT BASE SINCE 1962 BOKOMO Original Protein Cereal ProNutro SAVE R15 R40 WITH CARD SAVE R12 ANY 4 FOR R20 WITH CARD Tasty Treats Biscuits All Variants 4 x 80g MULTIPACK COMBO SAVE R14 BUY 2 FOR R60 WITH CARD Risi Marie & Lemon Creams Biscuits 2 x 3 per pack + Good Morning RUSKS PRO SAVE R20 ANY 2 FOR R80 WITH CARD Bakers Good Morning Rusks All Variants 2 x 450g PROVITA Ancient Gin + KIPS KIPS SAVE R10 R50 WITH CARD Bakers Provita Biscuits All Variants 500g Each SAVE R25 ANY 2 FOR R55 WITH CARD Bakers Kips Crackers All Variants 2 x 200g Beacon Mallows SAVE R34 BUY 3 FOR Aer Wypo Aer Dunk SAVE R32 ANY 6 FOR R110 R100 WITH CARD Beacon Pink & White Marshmallows 3 x 400g WITH CARD Nestlé Aero Chocolate Slab All Variants 6 x 85g Rhodes GRAPE Bokomo Pronutro Cereal All Variants 500g Each + FOUD WORMS SAVE R40 ANY 2 FOR R130 WITH CARD Sweets From Heaven Sweets All Variants 2 x 450g Cappy Cappy TH Cappy SAVE R40 R130 WITH CARD Cappy Flavoured Drink Cappy All Variants 24x200ml per pack + THIRSTI SAVE R26 ANY 2 FOR R100 WITH CARD Thirsti Sparkling Drink All Variants 2 x 6x500ml per pack THIRSTI SAVE R31 ANY 2 FOR R135 WITH CARD Thirsti Sparkling/ THIRSTI THIRSTI Still Water 2 x 6x1,5 per pack POP RASPREE FLAVOUR POPZ! POPZ! GRAPE FLAVOURED SAVE R20 ANY 6 FOR R70 WITH CARD Popz! Cold Drink All Variants 6 x 2 POPZ! COCO FINE FLAVOURED SAVE R36 ANY 2 FOR R88 WITH CARD Rhodes 100% Fruit Juice All Variants 2 x 2 Rhodes MANGO & FLORANGE 100% FRUIT JUICE BLEND 2 UTRE 1476 HYPER DEALS VALUE 5999 each Padkos Caramel Coated Popcorn AUREL (ATT POPCORN FREE PATERS CARMELAT POPCORN NALAI FREE 50 VALUE 500 SAVE R10 BUY 2 FOR R80 WITH CARD Housebrand Kitchen ChTowels 2 x 4 per pack hous PASESS PASTEDSALTED PEANUTS & RAISINS Hyper VALUE FREE ROASTEDSALTED PEANUTS & RAISINS Hyper VALUE FREE 6999 750g bag each Padkos Roasted & Salted Peanuts & Raisins Kitc Tov + Hyper VALUE 750 VALUE 750 g brand SAVE R20 R80 WITH CARD Housebrand All Purpose Cleaner 5 Each 10kg SAVE R100 R300 Kitchen Towels Hyper All Purp Hyper VALUE 5L All Purpose Cleaner WITH CARD Vitagen PLUS LIMITED EDITION LARGE ADULT Large Breed PLUS Vitagen Plus Adult Dog Food 10kg OFFERS VALID FROM 25 MARCH 2024 UNTIL 7 APRIL 2024. PRICES APPLY TO CHECKERS HYPER BOKSBURG, EDENVALE, KLERKSDORP & KLIPFONTEIN ONLY. months with CHICKEN & RICE 10 kg Page 3 99 GNFOLHCYMIE

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