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6999 each Colgate Naturals/Optic White/Pro Relief 75ml/ White Oxygen 50ml Toothpaste Colgate OPTIC WHITE OXYGEN 5999 4x100g Dove Bath Soap All Variants 4.10 BARS 3 DAYS Dove beauty cream bar of kon 2 x 500ml Sanex SAVE R62 ANY 2 FOR R120 6 IN 1 WITH CARD SAVE R30 5499 WITH CARD 400ml each SAVE R90 ANY 2 FOR R120 X WITH CARD PANTEN2 x 360ml/400ml NIVEA MEN Nivea Body Lotion/ Cream All Variants PANTENE PRO-V PRO-V nourishes intensively NIVEA SUPERFOOD FULL & STRONG + SUPERFOOD FULL STRONG CONDITIONER Pantene Shampoo/ Conditioner All Variants Shower Gel All Variants Sanex MEN SKIN HEALTH ACTIVE FRES + Sanex zero% ESSENTIAL INGREDIENTE BODY LOTION MAXIMUM HYDRATION ABSORBS IN SECONDS NORMAL TO DRY SKIN aloe vera 400 ml NIVEA Radiant Beauty Even Glow SHAMPOO NOURISHING 122 SA'S NO.1 VALUE FOR MONEY SUPERMARKET ate Colgate Maximum Cavity Protection 2299 100ml Colgate Gel Fluoride Toothpaste 33 Dettol HERBAL Dettol ORIGINAL SAVE 21% 1499 175g each WITH CARD LISTERINE TOTAL CARE TARTAR PROTECT 10 9999 500ml Dettol Bath Soap All Variants 1999 each Listerine Mouthwash Oralwise Pro-Platinum/ All Variants Each Polisher/Whitening Toothbrush SAVE R20 ANY 2 FOR R70 WITH CARD 2 x 475ml Satiskin Hand Wash All Variants Renew SHAMPOO OIT Renew CONDITIONER BUY ANY 2 & SAVE 20% WITH CARD 2 x 100ml Renew Body Lotion/Body Wash/Shaving Foam 60ml/Mouth Wash 100ml/ Shampoo 100ml/ Conditioner 100ml All Variants Muts 2199 200 per pack Moments 2-Ply Facial Tissues BLUEA 3499 250ml each Vaseline Blue Seal Petroleum Jelly All Variants NEW Vaseline Dry Skin Repair 72h FAST Vaseline ABSORBING ME 4999 400ml each Vaseline Body Lotion/Cream All Variants piomax NIVEA MEN NIVEA Dove Dove MEN KIVEA HIVEA man Cream FRESH fresh Orange voodo DEEP SAVE R15 59 99 500ml each WITH CARD Nivea Shower Gel/Cream for Ladies/Men All Variants SAVE R25 84.99 WITH CARD Epi-max Body Cream All Variants Each SAVE 21% 2599 50ml each WITH CARD Dove Roll-On for Men/ Ladies All Variants 2699 50ml each Nivea Roll-On for Men/ Ladies All Variants VIP PLAYG SAVE R10 2899 each WITH CARD Playboy Deodorant for Men 125ml/150ml/Playgirl Deodorant for Ladies 90ml All Variants eclamation 2999 each Exclamation for Ladies 90ml/ Gravity for Men 120ml Body Spray All Variants Mechum Milchum 34.99 50ml each Mitchum Roll-On for Men/ Ladies All Variants Dove Dove MEN CARE 4 original SAVE 19% 38 99 150ml each WITH CARD Dove Deodorant for Men/Ladies All Variants Schick HYDRO 3 Intuition SAVE R30 19999 3/4 per pack WITH CARD No1 000 No1 16 pack 100% Lillets fran 36 tampons Lillets SAVE 17% 24.99 16 per pack WITH CARD Schick Hydro 3/ Intuition Razor Blades 6999 Satiskin Shower Gel All Variants Each Satiskin SAVE R29 ANY 2 FOR R75 WITH CARD 2 x 400ml Satiskin Shower Gel All Variants Lil-lets Tampons All Variants SAVE R36 ANY 2 FOR R75 X WITH CARD 2 x 500ml Shower 1 Litre BOOST + to Shower Shower Show Sho Gel All Variants Shover SENSITIVE Anka REFRESH 16 pack 100% PLAYBOY DAILY PROTECT COMFORT&PROTECTION 4499 88/100 per pack Kotex Value Pack Unscented Pantyliners SAVE R29 ANY 2 FOR R75 WITH CARD 2 x 400ml Playboy AMAZON ATTRACT Shower Gel All Variants ECONOMY PACK ECONOMY PACK" THE always daily liners SAVE R20 ANY 2 FOR R60 WITH CARD 2 x 40 per pack Always Pantyliners All Variants always Splash Cash WIN YOUR SHARE OF R200 000! daily liners ORNAL GERM LOCK always No. SKIN + always No1SKIN 18 VALUE PACK always No1SKIN PROTECTION GERM LOCK SAVE R40 ANY 2 FOR R70 WITH CARD 2 x 12/14/16/18/20 per pack Always Ultra/Maxi Sanitary Pads SAVE 30% FROM 13999 WITH CARD Everysun Sun Protection Lotion All Variants Everysun Everysun 50 PACK™ always dreamZzzall-night SAVE R71 ANY 2 FOR R129 WITH CARD 040 36 0032 SAVE 20% FROM 5999 each WITH CARD Island Tribe Sun Protection Lotion All Variants island Tribe island Tribe GEL 2 x 32/36 per pack Always Night/Long Sanitary Pads SAVE 40% FROM 8999 each WITH CARD Nivea Sun Protection Lotion All Variants NIVEA NIVEA kids babilis&ds 50 tect com 51 50 CHOOSE THE SHOWER PRODUCT THAT'S RIGHT FOR YOU SEE PROMOTIONAL PACKS FOR DETAILS OFFERS VALID FROM MONDAY 18 MARCH 2024 UNTIL SUNDAY 07 APRIL 2024. PRICES APPLY TO CHECKERS & CHECKERS HYPER STORES WESTERN CAPE, EXCEPT BEAUFORT WEST, GEORGE, KNYSNA, MOSSEL BAY, OUDTSHOORN & PLETTENBERG BAY. Page 13 99 WCFOCLCXKV/E

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