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Ultra Liquors Specials
Ultra Liquors Specials
Ultra Liquors Specials


South Africa’s leading liquor retailer, Ultra Liquors has been operating in the country since 1985. In addition to direct sales to South African consumers, Ultra Liquors also supplies liquor to over 1000 businesses.

Ultra Liquor stores are also easily located nationwide with 28 stores and 14 franchise branches. These stores are found in Gauteng, Limpopo, Mpumalanga, North West, KZN, Eastern Cape, Western Cape, and Free State.

The liquor items available in store at cost-effective prices have contributed to the success of the Ultra Liquor Company as only the most exclusive liquor brands are provided in each store.

These brands include Thomson & Gray, Blair Logue, Drummond, and more. The wide variety of liquor products available in all stores also includes Hunters extreme, Belvedere red, Skyy vodka, Savanna Dry, Viceroy brandy, Stars energy drink, Tafel beer, VSOB brandy, CIROC apple vodka, Poliakov vodka, and more.

Ultra Liquor also offers reduced wholesale alcohol prices at the lowest rates on the market.

For more information regarding the products available in-store, visit their website at https://www.ultraliquors.co.za. Alcohol content including Grey Goose percentage of alcohol content and the Southern Comfort alcohol percentage can also be found on the website.

Weekly ads detailing the latest specials can also be found via the abovementioned link.


  • Great Value-for-Money: The low prices available on all alcoholic beverages available in store are offered at the cheapest on the market to ensure that customers receive great value-for-money.
  • Job Creations: Ultra Liquors strive to alleviate unemployment by creating job opportunities. The company was also awarded as the top 300 South African retailers offering employment opportunities by the DTI.
  • Ultra Liquors Cash Back: Customers can earn cash back rewards on each swipe with the Ultra Rewards Card. Cash Back can also be spent on any in-store purchases.
  • Regular Specials and Competitions: The regular promotions and competitions on offer in Ultra Liquor stores ensure that customers pay even less on their alcoholic beverages. Customers can also stand a chance to win a variety of items when entering store competitions.


Ultra Liquor’s 28 stores are located throughout the country including the George liquor store, Johannesburg liquor store, and more. Find the store closest to you by accessing the store finder here. Operating hours may vary depending on each branch.

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