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STAY SAFE WITH ESSENTIALS FOR YOUR MEDICINE CABINET GOOD HYGIENE Award-winning, patented KEEP SAFE AND PROTECTED WITH ZH160 GERM DEFENSE SPRAY - 100ML ULTIMATE GERM DEFENCE • Powerful disinfectant and sanitizer • Contains hoci (Hypochlorous Acid 330), a natural biocide and the perfect weapon to ight against germs • Antiviral, antibacterial, anti-fungal • Ideal for wound care Frequent cleaning and disinfection help to prevent the spread of germs that may cause illness. Disinfection is the irst line of germ defense, as it physically removes dirt and organic matter from most surfaces and powerfully destroys most of the harmful germs that may have been left behind. Assists with the following conditions: R350 • • • • • Burn wounds Diabetic sores Ulcers Open wounds Eye infections • • • • Sore throat Gum infections Nappy rash Athlete’s foot ZH500 TC MULTI INSECT REPELLENT SPRAY - 150ML ZH230 ANTISEPTIC LIQUID - 250ML This effective antiseptic liquid is suitable to clean and sterilise wounds, cuts, abrasions or insect bites to assist with gentle healing. Use it in the bath to hygienically clean skin or around the home to disinfect and sanitise surfaces. R75 84 I TC DIRECT This Insect repellent spray is 100% natural, repels insects and provides protection against mosquitoes and other insects. Can be sprayed either on a person’s body or into the air to repel insects. • Assists with Bed Bug prevention & perfect for freshening up your matresses. • Pet and child friendly • Contains no toxins (Deet free) R140 ZH215 TC HEALTH ACID SOOTHE - 250ML ZH165 GEZ’IGAZI (BLOOD CLEANSER) - 250ML Use for effective relief from ulcers, heartburn and indigestion. • Contains essential oils and nano technology for rapid effective results • Helps promote blood circulation • Stimulates the immune system • Helps restore body defence ZH220 EYE GEL DROPS - 15ML TC Gel Eye Drops have been developed to combat dryness, discomfort and eye irritation caused by external factors such as prolonged exposure to computers or LED screens, air conditioning, dust, pollution, smoke and sunlight. Acid Soothe Suspension contains aluminium hydroxide and magnesium hydroxide, which are anti-acids that provide fast, shortterm relief to neutralize stomach acid and cut down on heartburn, sour stomach, acid indigestion, and stomach upset. • Made with a unique blend of Lysine and Tea Tree Oil • Relieves discomfort of cold sores • Tea Tree oil acts as a powerful antiseptic • May help with acne spots ZH350 TOOTH PAIN GEL - 15ML R145 R90 R85 R190 ZH195 COLD SORE TREATMENT WITH TEA TREE OIL - 10ML R150 • May Reduce Pain & Inlammation • May Soothe Tooth Ache • May Promote Healing ZH248 HEADACHE & PAIN RELIEF TONIC - 150ML Enriched with potent antiinlammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties of Turmeric and Pepper, our Headache and Pain Relief Tonic may assist in: • Improving the inlammatory symptoms and discomfort caused by arthritis. • Alleviating symptoms of headaches and migraines. • Reducing pain and fever. R150 TC DIRECT I 85

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