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ALKALINE FIZZER TC Alkaline Fizzer has all the beneits of Alkaline powder in a convenient izzy. Providing the body with some of the beneicial mineral salts which may act as buffers and optimize the maintenance of optimal pH balance. BENEFITS • May help to support bone health and protect against bone demineralisation • Alleviates heartburn and digestive tract discomfort due to excess acid. • Assist in the relief of joint pain, lower back pain and reduced mobility/lexibility. WATER PURIFICATION GET ACTIVE WITH Our meticulously crafted products are designed to meet the diverse needs of both athletes and itness enthusiasts, providing reliable support for enhanced performance and effective recovery. STAY HEALTHY WITH CLEAN, DRINKABLE WATER Each 2.5g sachet puriies 10 litres of water at a time. Add sachet to 10 litres water and stir well. Wait 30 minutes allowing water to settle. Filter water through a cloth to capture sediment. Water is ready to drink. 1 PRE-WORKOUT HIGH PERFORMANCE POWDERED DRINK SUSTAINED ENERGY AND PERFORMANCE KILLS CHOLERA • • • Boosts performance Increases energy before exercise Contains caffeine ORANGE FLAVOUR 5 SACHETS 2 RE-HYDRATE SPORTS HYDRATION POWDERED DRINK WITH ELECTROLYTES & MINERALS ZH249 Alkaline Fizzer (10) • • • R160 ZH270 Electrolyte Rehydration Powder - 200g May prevent muscle cramps Sustained energy and endurance Contains l-glutamine to aid recovery BERRY FLAVOUR R160 3 POST-WORKOUT RECOVERY POWDERED DRINK FAST ABSORBING RECOVERY AID Contains 1.4% available chlorine. Makes naturally polluted water safe for drinking, washing and cooking. • • • Improves post-workout recovery Reduces muscle soreness Contains essential amino acids ORANGE FLAVOUR 4 BENEFITS • Chlorine eliminates all waterborne diseases 74 I TC DIRECT MASS GAINER HIGH PROTEIN CARBOHYDRATE DRINK WITH CREATINE MONOHYDRATE ZH80 Water Puriication Sachets - 5 x 2.5g ZH275 Mass Gainer - 500g ZH260 Pre-workout Powder - 250g ZH265 Post-workout Recovery Powder - 250g • • • Increases muscle mass Improves performance Speeds up muscle recovery R20 R270 R170 R170 VANILLA FLAVOUR TC DIRECT I 75

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