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It's not just AS SEEN ON TV FOR ONLY ENE Bakers Tenniscuits 200 Avorted 3600 Save R14 WITHCARD Tennis It's so much more! That's why we SHOP at SPAR Kellogg's All Bran Flakes 74.99 AS SEEN Hill ON TV CORN FLAKES Kellogg's Com Fakes 1 kg 6499 Save R15 Sunbake Everyday Brown or Farmstyle Brown Bread 700 g 13.99 Pantry Savings Hellogg's CHOC Kellogg's Coco Pops Choco Strawberry Pops Rice Krispies or Froot Loops 350 g/400 g (Exel Coco Pop 4599 All Bran Knorr Ro Knorr Packet Soups 50 g Assorted 2200 Royco yco Royce Dry Cookin Sauce of Bakes 37-54 Assorted Kno Salad Dressing 340m Assorted 2999 14.99 Yum Yum Peanut Mrs Balls Chutney 450 g/470 g Assorted 34.99 Pasman's Ready to Serve Sauce 200 ml Assorted 3299 Bourilor Marmite Spread Assorted YUM YUM YUM YUM 4009 Assorted BOVRI MARMITE 3199 5499 SPACKS PAGAS Kellogg's Noodles Mutipack Assorted 2699 CORME Bull Brand Corned Meat 300 g Assorted 2999 SASKO Robertsons Spice Ret 64/80 g/ 34/89 g 100 g Assorted 14.99 Wellington's Sweet Chi Sauce 700m 39 99 Sasko Provita Crispbread 250 g Assorted CAKE Cake FLOUR Wheat Flour 2.5kg 2999 x3599 Golden Cload Pre-Mix 1kg Assorted 3199 Nestle Соста 82.50 Сосов 2199 Moir's Jelly 80 Assorted 9.99 SPAR Pasch Halves or Slices in Syrup 410 g Moir's Custard Powder PEA PEACH SLICES 500 g 1699 The SPAR you love, now online! 2U DOWNLOAD NOW ON SPAR 3499 App Store Nestle Nest GOLD Gold Cros 385 Condensed Milk 3299 Google Play Socials available at SPAR Aloe, Belfast, Courtside, Hoedsprut, Kruger Park, Orchards, Sable, Sonpark and Stelites from 25 March up to and including 7 Apr 2024, while stocks last. We reserve the right to mit quantities TV Products available nationally. Prices include VAT

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