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Start something SPECIAL this Easter 25 March - 7 April 2024 SHOP RED. SAVE GREEN. Rewards Feaster Basket COMBO DEAL SPAR Refined White Sugar 2.5 kg. SPAR Sundawer Cooking Oil 750 m R SPAR Cake Wheat Flour 2.5 kg. SPAR Margarine Brick 500 g 9999 AS SEEN ON TV KOO BAKED BEA TOMATOM Baked Beans in Tomato Sauce 4109 (Excl Lite and Save R64 good 000000 Nestlé Cremora 750 AS SEEN ON TV Cremora 4999 Save R13 SPAR UNT Lon Life Mi Asserted AS SEEN ON TV CNIFICASE FAT FREE MILK 8999 SNOWFLAKE flour Save R16 Saowflake Pampers pants PRICE PER HAPPY Pampers Omposable Napy Pants Mid005 J500) Extra Large XX 25999 PRICE PER HAPPY Pampers baby-dry Paper Active Jam Pack D Md/be Mad (660) Ma Jusie (4) Extra Large (44) 25999 per pack Variants) 2800 Baby Soft 18 Fresh Rewards More for You Save R6 WITHCARD AS SEEN S ON TV Baby Saft 2P 12999 Save R45 FROZEN OROKEN SPAR OF Chicken Mod Portions 5kg 17999 Mgoat a AS BEEN ON TV LiquiFruit 100% Pare Fruit Juice Blend 2 re Assorted LIQUI Exel Mango) 3999 Save R22 cake wheat Cake Wheat Coca Flour 25 kg 3699 AS SEEN ON TV Coca-Co Coca Cola Regular Only 3200 Save R8 WITHCARD Pampers PRECE PER SAPPY Prem Disposables Value Pack Mini (7) Midi (e), Estes Large (30) Happy Parts Vase Pack (5) (50 S5 (423) 25999 SIGN UP FOR MORE! MORE SAVINGS. MORE WINS. MORE FOR YOU. Specials available at SPAR Aloe, Belfast, Courtside, Hoedspruit, Kruger Park, Orchards, Sabie, Sonpark and Steiltes from 25 March up to and including 7 April 2024, while stocks last. We reserve the right to limit quantities. TV Products available nationally. Prices include VAT. SPARA

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