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Do you know Takealot? 
If you are a native of South Africa, you have heard about the e-commerce giant Takealot or you have already visited their official website https://www.takealot.com/. If you are new to South Africa or you have never shopped online before, it’s a pleasure to introduce you to the best online service of the 21st century. The company is based in Cape Town in South Africa and it’s one of the largest on-line retailers which pioneered its way in online shopping in Africa and it was also one of the first e-shops that introduced nowadays worldwide known Black. It all started with its official launch in 2011 and the company grew a lot bigger ever since. It launched its very own lunch-delivery service and a curated design and fashion e-tailer.

Why should you shop at Takealot 
As any e-commercial giant, they have various offers and specials coming your way every week. Every time you open their website, a sale, or a new deal just jumps at you. This seller portal has everything a customer needs and looks for. Maybe you’re really into daily deals? Do not worry because Takealot gots you covered! Or are you looking for some brand specials or deals that are nowhere to be found? Look no further since you have just found the right retailer for you. Whether you are looking for food, furniture, books, or laptops and other electronics, Takealot offers everything for the lowest price possible.

What are you waiting for? 
Visit their official website now – because they are on-line, you can shop almost any hour a day you want.  You can choose from a variety of products and departments, buy local goods or choose a product for every occasion. You should check out the app that they launched for Android and iPhone so you can shop comfortably on your phone while you are at work or home, in a park, or waiting on a bus. You can also register at their website, login to your account and you can get access to many bonuses and deals faster. 
Are you considering working at Takealot? Check out their careers page to see more up-to-date info about their latest job offers.
Even though they don’t have any contact number, you can find almost every information you will need on their Help page or you can just log an inquiry if you have troubles or issues with shopping and one of the Customer service assistants will get back to you as soon as possible.  

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