President Hyper stores and trading hours

President Hyper stores and trading hours

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President Hyper Specials
President Hyper Specials
President Hyper Specials


Retailing as one of the cheapest supermarkets in South Africa, President Hyper opened its doors in 1964. President Hyper has additionally been prized as a grocery store that offers only the best quality items at the lowest rates.

Based in Gauteng, President Hyper stores can be located in Krugersdorp, Fochville, and Vaal (Vereeniging).  For more information on store locations, visit the President Square website here.

The wide-ranging product list of items available in all President Hyper stores include liquor, fresh fruit and vegetables, meat, bakery products, frozen foods, packaged foods, dry foods, cleaning detergents, cosmetic products, personal hygiene and beauty products, baby care products, and laundry products.

For more information on the available products and their prices, visit their website at

The seasonal and weekly specials available in-store has also contributed to the success of the retailer as special prices are provided on a variety of food and grocery products including meat, margarine, milk, laundry detergents, and more.

Other promotional offers include yearly specials including Blue Friday and Black Friday sales. An informational catalogue detailing these sales can also be found on their website.


  • The Best Grocery Prices on the Market: President Hyper offers customers the cheapest grocery prices on the market whilst still ensuring the high standard of their fresh produce and quality brands.
  • Job Creation: President Hyper has also aimed to alleviate the burdens of unemployment by creating jobs in a number of work fields. Visit their website for the latest vacancies available.
  • Seasonal Promotions: The seasonal promotions available at all President Hyper stores allow customers to pay less for their grocery items while still enjoying top quality foods.
  • Good Customer Service: President Hyper strives to exceed customer expectations by providing its customers with a one-stop grocery shop. The staff is also well equipped to assist you with all your purchase needs.


President Hyper stores can be found in Krugersdorp, Fochville, and Vaal (Vereeniging). The retail trading hours are from Monday-Friday: 8am-7pm, Saturday: 8am-6pm, and Sunday: 8am-5pm. These hours are subject to change depending on each store.