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BUY ANY 2 & SAVE 20% WITH CARD 2 x 10 per pack Jacobs/L'Or/Illy Coffee Capsules illy CLASSICO CLASSIC ROAST ESPRESSO ESPRESSO illy blend VELOUTE MILD AND BALANCED Doux OROUND COF OUX ET VARSILL JACOBS D ESPRESSO 12 ALU- ORIGINE SAVE R15 5999 WITH CARD 10 per pack SAVE R25 6999 WITH CARD 1,35kg 10 NEW LOOK JACOBS MINIUM Nescafé Gold Instant Cappuccino Sticks WEET-BLX NESCAFE GOLD CAPPUCCINO 10 Fry niger drit cups AS SEEN ON TV VIEW PROMOTIONAL LEAFLETS ON WHATSAPP Bokomo Weet-Bix Wholegrain SA'S #1 CEREAL HAS A NEW Wheat Biscuits SINCE 1929 BOKOMO WEET-BIX High in Source of fran WHOLEGRAIN WHEAT BISCUITS High in Vitamins 81 82 83 Biscuits SAVE R10 SAVE R30 6999 WITH CARD 1kg ANY 2 FOR R80 WITH CARD Kellogg's Corn Flakes Cereal Kellogg's The Original AS SEEN ON TV CORN FLAKES ACTIVE ALERT 25 kg TOASTED GOLDEN CEREAL FLAKES 2 x 340g/350g/375g/ 400g Kellogg's Coco Pops Choc'o's/Original/ Crunchers/Vanilla Rice Krispies/Strawberry Pops Cereal Kelloggs COCO pops Choco's CHOCOLATE FLAVOURED SIMPLY SCAN TO ADD CHECKERS AND SAY "HI" g's COCO pops Unchers CAOCOATE EXCLUDES FROOT LOOPS Laager® Pure Rooibos FIVE ROSES CEYLON BLEND TEA Nestle remora EXCLUDES MIXED BERRY & MIXED BERRY LITE FUTURELIFE Nesun NESPRAY FortiGrow Jungle muesli NUTS & SEEDS SMAR FOOL FUTURELIFE 1001 PURITY PURITY PURITY SQUISH PURITY Soun Butternut Summer Fruit SQUISH 750 Butternus +Carrot Summer Berries SQUISH SAVE 16% 39 99 WITH CARD Laager Pure Rooibos Teabags SAVE 13% 4999 100 per раск WITH CARD Five Roses Ceylon Blend Tagless Teabags SAVE R10 49 99 WITH CARD Nestlé Cremora Coffee & Tea Creamer SAVE R10 54 99 WITH CARD Nestlé Nespray Milk Powder SAVE UP TO R17 5999 750g WITH CARD Jungle Muesli Choc-kits Cassie Chic BUDDY BEAR BUY ANY 3 & SAVE 25% WITH CARD 3 x FutureLife Product Range & Lamb SAVE R8 ANY 2 FOR R40 WITH CARD 2 x 250ml Purity 4th Foods Baby Food PURITY Vegetables Lamb fruit SAVE R12 ANY 3 FOR R42 WITH CARD 3 x Purity 2nd Foods Baby Food 125ml/ Pouches 110ml SAVE R19 ANY 4 FOR R45 WITH CARD 4 x 110ml Rhodes Squish Baby Food Pouches FOREIGN GROUND SINGLE ORIGIN COFFEE GUATEMALA SAVE R60 21999 WITH CARD Foreign Ground Coffee Beans Romany Creams Classic Once DIVC CXCONST SAVE 14% 2999 Bach WITH CARD Bakers Romany Creams/Choc-kits Biscuits CREAM CRACKERS CRISP CRACKERS SAVE R12 34.99 WITH CARD Bakers Cream Crackers Value Pack Tennis Tennis CRES COCORT SAVE 13% ANY 2 FOR R40 WITH CARD 2 x 200g Bakers Tennis Biscuits POWERAG POWERADE BARALE BAKALI RICE ARES YELLOW COR CAKES UNSALTED SAVE 30% 1999 each WITH CARD Bakali Original Corn/Rice/Veggie Cakes 100g/115g/120g SAVE 26% ANY 2 FOR R22 WITH CARD 2 x 500ml Powerade Sports Drink MONSTERMONSTER ENERGY ENERGY SAVE R10 ANY 2 FOR R28 WITH CARD 2 x 500ml Monster Energy Drink Nestle Nestum 6-12 2999 250g Nestlé Nestum Stage 1/2/3 Baby Cereal Each Nestle Cerelac BARY CEREAL WITH Mixed Fruit 9-12 7599 500g Nestlé Cerelac Baby Cereal Nestle NIDO dered Drink Growing Children SAVE R20 17999 WITH CARD Nestlé Nido 3+ Powdered Drink for Growing Children aQuellé TILL aQuelle NATE SAVE 18% 2199 WITH CARD aQuellé Still Natural Spring Water SAVE R30 ANY 2 FOR R90 WITH CARD aQuelle NATURAL SPRING WATER STILL SAVE R25 500 ml ANY 2 FOR R65 WITH CARD 2 x 6x500ml aQuellé Still/Sparkling Natural Spring Water 2 x 6x200ml per pack. Rhodes 100% Fruit Juice Blend ORANGE SQUASH SAVE 18% 2999 WITH CARD Sunfirst Orange Flavoured Squash Concentrate SAVE R15 3499 WITH CARD Clover Krush 100% Fruit Juice Blend Daly's MANGO ORANGE FLAVOURE BLEMNED FRUIT SQUASH SAVE 17% 3299 WITH CARD Daly's Premium Blended Fruit Squash Hall's Hall's Med Frul Drink Conce SAVE R20 ANY 2 FOR R50 WITH CARD 2 x 1,25 Hall's Blended Fruit Drink Concentrate SAVE 11% 3999 1,5 each WITH CARD Sir Fruit Fruit Juice Blend Chris SAVE R14 ANY 2 FOR R30 WITH CARD 2 x 2 Pepsi Regular/ Mirinda/Mountain Dew Soft Drink SAVE R12 4299 WITH CARD Liqui Fruit 100% Fruit Juice Blend Sprite no SUGAR FANTA SAVE R10 ANY 2 FOR R30 WITH CARD 2 x 2,25 Coca-Cola No Sugar/Light/No Caffeine/Sprite Zero/Mint/Fanta Zero/Apple/Stoney Ginger Beer Zero Soft Drink SAVE R21 ANY 2 FOR R65 WITH CARD LENONLINE PLAVOURED Life Coca-Cola ORIGINAL TASTE 6. SAVE R20 54.99 per pack WITH CARD 6x300ml/330ml Coca-Cola Original/No Sugar/No Caffeine/ Light/Creations/Sprite Original/ Zero/Fanta Original/Stoney Ginger Beer/Twist/Sparletta/ Schweppes Soft Drink Fitch&Leedes Fitch&Leedes SAVE R25 ANY 2 FOR R95 WITH CARD 2 x 6x200ml Fitch & Leedes Flavoured Sparkling Drink SAVE R15 7699 6x300ml pack WITH CARD Clover Super M 2 x 2 Clover Tropika Dairy Fruit Mix 999 ZNFOCCCWXE/E Rhodes Rhodes Rhodes Rhodes Rhodes Rhodes Clavar KRUSH FRUIT ANCE BLEND FRUIT NCE BLEND FRUCTANCE BUEND ORANGE SIR FRUIT 19% LEMON NECTAR LEMONADE AS SEEN ON TV SIR FRUIT 100% FRUIT JUICE BLEND ORANGE ORANGE APPLE WITH T w LIQUI FRUIT Cranberry Cooler 100% Fruit Juice Blend POPIKA TROPO OPIKA Cloper TROPIKA Clover SUPER M Clover SUPER OFFERS VALID FROM MONDAY 18/03/2024 UNTIL SUNDAY 07/04/2024. PRICES APPLY TO CHECKERS STORES AMANZIMTOTI, ATHLONE, BALLITO JUNCTION, BLUFF, BOARDWALK RICHARDS BAY, CASCADES, CORNUBIA, DAVENPORT RD, DURBAN NORTH, EMPANGENI, GILLITTS, HILTON, HILLCREST, KWADUKUZA (STANGER), MARGATE, MICA MALL, MIDLANDS MALL, MOUNT RICHMORE VILLAGE, MTUBA MALL, NEWCASTLE, NEWCASTLE MALL, NORTHDENE, OCEANS MALL, OVERPORT, QUEENSBURGH, RESERVOIR HILLS, SCOTTBURGH, SCOTTSVILLE, SHELLY BEACH, SOUTHWAY MALL, ST JOHN'S AVENUE, TONGAAT, VIRGINIA CIRCLE, VRYHEID, WATERCREST, WESTVILLE, WINDERMERE & WOODBURN. ALSO AT CHECKERS HYPER BROOKSIDE, GALLERIA, GATEWAY, PAVILION & SHALLCROSS. Page 6

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