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R895 GTESTC-001 R4295 R5995 GTESTC-002 1 GTESTC-003 VISIT OUR WEBSITE FOR DETAILED SPECIFICATIONS R395 GGAUGP-001 Mini Coating Thickness Gauge 12V/24V Lithium Ion Jump Starters 1 2 2 Start Current 400A (12V); 500A (24V) 600A (12V); 600A (24V) Peak Current 800A (12V); 1 000A (24V) 1 500A (12V); 1 500A (24V) Battery Type Lithium Ion Polymer Lithium Ion Polymer 27 000mAh 45 000mAh Battery Capacity Portable coating thickness gauge, which can quickly, nondestructively, and accurately measure non-metallic coating thickness (such as paint, film, etc.) of metal substrate. It is widely used in detection areas like manufacturing industry, car washing industry, metal processing industry, chemical industry and commodity inspection. R3495 GSTART-007 P.O.A. GSTART-005 R1950 Lithium Ion Battery GSTART-004 • Measurmenent range: 0~1.8mm/0~71.0mil • Car mode resolution: 0.05mm/2mil • User mode resolution: 0.01nn/1mil • Measurement error: ±0.1mm Vehicle Current Tester AL ON SI ES OF PR NEW iCarsoft Diagnostic Testers Jump Starter • Battery Type: Li Polymer • Battery Capacity: 11.1V / 5.2Ah • Peak Current: 500A @ 100ms Battery Tester R295 TTESMF-001 R445 • The MAC AFRIC Tester can be used to test the quality of brake fluid. It can indicate whether the brake fluid under test can still be used safely or needs to be replaced. • Testing Range: 6 - 12V • Rated Capacity: 32A to 500A ES OF PR • Measurement range: 0.1A ~ 19.9A • Max. Load: 20A/32Vdc for max. 10 secs. • Accuracy: ± (2% of reading + 2 digits) R895 GBRAKT-001 Brake Fluid Tester TTESTB-001 AL ON • Testing Range: 100 - 2 000 CCA (12V) • 12V & 24V Starting & Charging System R2395 Portable Inspection Camera/ Bore Scopes TTESTB-003 WiFi Inspection Camera/Borescope Model Charging Current 320 35A (12V & 24V) 400 40A (12V & 24V) 600 52A on 12V & 55A on 24V Price R2195 GCHARG-321 Battery for illustrative purposes only R2495 GCHARG-400 R2995 GCHARG-600 Intelligent/Digital Battery Chargers 1 T EN LL TY CE LI EX QUA Compatible with iOS and Android. Use with smart phone. (not included) Battery Chargers/Boosters SI Battery Tester & Analyser 2 R1695 5 GSCOPE-004 6 3 Visual Inspecting Cleaning Borescope 4 8 7 R2495 GSCOPE-006 Charging Current 3 2-Way Articulating Borescope 2 R3950 3 GSCOPE-005 4 VISIT OUR WEBSITE FOR DETAILED SPECIFICATIONS 10 E&OE 1 GAUTENG SPRINGS (010) 442-6969 WEEK-11-(11-03) Charging Input Stages Voltage 3-step 12V 4 Amp (12V) / 9-step 2 Amp (6V) 8 Amp (12V) / 9-step 2 Amp (6V) 10 Amp (12V) / 9-step 2 Amp (6V) 6V & 12V 1.5 Amp (12V) 6V & 12V 6V & 12V Price R345 GCHARG-001 R495 GCHARG-103 R695 GCHARG-107 R895 GCHARG-110 Alternative number: (Head Office): 011 434 7000 13 Bell Street, New Era, Springs 5 Charging Charging Input Current Stages Voltage Price 6V & 4 Amp 9-step 12V GCHARG-104 6 8 Amp 9-step 12V 7 25 Amp (12V) 9-step 12V & 24V 8 15 Amp 9-step 12V R745 R995 GCHARG-108 R2595 GCHARG-125 R1995 GCHARG-126 [email protected]

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