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TC DIRECT HAS YOUR BREAKFAST TAKEN CARE OF INSTANT MILK POWDER ALL DAY ENERGY WITH MAGEU MALTED BREAKFAST PORRIDGE 1KG PRE-COOKED OATS 1KG INSTANT MILK POWDER 400G POWDERED MAGEU 1KG Malted porridge brings home the good rich lavour of malted grain sorghum. Naturally high in energy and carbohydrates, high in iber, low in saturated fat and is naturally trans fat free. It is also a source of magnesium and iron to give your immunity an extra boost. Oats are one of the highest nutrient-dense foods you can eat. It is known for it’s beneits of lowering blood sugar levels and may lower cholesterol. It provides antioxidants and promotes healthy bacteria in your gut. Oats is naturally high in iber and plant protein so can ease constipation. Instant Milk Powder is a delicious, nutritious and convenient milk product. Powdered milk has the same nutrition as fresh milk but has a far longer shelf life than liquid milk. Mageu is very high in energy and is therefore preferred by athletes for a quick energy boost. Mageu is also considered the most nutritious breakfast supplement for the optimal growth of children. Mageu powder has a far longer shelf life than wet mageu and does not need to be refrigerated. Pre-cooked: Just add hot water or milk. Pre-cooked: Just add hot water, salt and/or hot or cold milk. FD004 Malted Breakfast Porridge - 1kg FD006 Pre-Cooked Oats - 1kg FD005 Instant Milk Powder - 400g FD003 Powdered Mageu - 1kg R110 R65 R100 R120 BENEFITS INCLUDE: BENEFITS INCLUDE: BENEFITS INCLUDE: BENEFITS INCLUDE: . High in fiber so good for your digestive system . Iron gives your immunity an extra boost . Sorghum boosts energy, promotes bone health, . Lowers blood sugar levels (good for diabetes) . Can manage weight as it helps you feel full . Protection against skin irritations . Lowers your chance of colon cancer . Vitamin A for growth and vision . Vitamin D keeps bones, teeth and muscles healthy . High in Calcium to build and maintain strong bones . Good protein supplement . High in fiber which helps maintain healthy bowel increases circulation and helps iron absorption 96 I TC DIRECT GET YOUR PROTEIN WITH Make up as you need. Mix 35g (7 teaspoons) to 250ml of water. Stir well. Add to cereals, porridges, teas and coffee. Just add luke warm water, stir well and enjoy. 50g makes 500ml / 100g makes 1 litre. movement and gut health . Can lower cholesterol and help control sugar levels . High in calcium and folic acid . A good source of protein TC DIRECT I 97

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