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MORINGA NATURE’S NO. 1 SUPERFOOD KICK START YOUR DAY WITH EVERYDAY FOOD ESSENTIALS ENRICHED WITH MORINGA MORINGA POWERNUT BUTTER Harness the power of Moringa with TC Health Food Essentials. They are packed with the energising power of Moringa Oleifera, making them the perfect superfood. Bursting with amino acids, antioxidants, iber, vitamins and minerals, the Moringa range of Food Essentials is a convenient and delicious way to get a daily nutritional boost. The Moringa plant is a prime superfood with high nutritional value. It has potent anti-inlammatory, antioxidant and tissue-protecting properties and helps boost the immune system. Moringa Food Essentials provide the foundational nutrition the body craves to support healthy digestion, a healthy immune system, optimum blood sugar levels and sustained energy. 100% NATURAL INGREDIENTS START YOUR DAY OFF THE RIGHT WAY WITH Moringa Powernut Butter is full of protein, vitamins and dietary iber making it perfect to enjoy as a healthy snack or meal anytime of the day! With added Moringa, it is a great source of Calcium and Vitamin C. ZH420 Powernut Butter with Moringa - 400g R110 THE HEALTHIER CHOICE! Diabetic Friendly No Added Salt Sugar Free ENJOY A HEALTHY CUP OF MORINGA HOT CHOCOLATE A wonderfully smooth and deliciously warming drink that bursts with the goodness of Moringa. ZH450 Moringa Hot Chocolate - 500g R110 MORINGA SUPER MEALS MORINGA SUPER MEALS ZH400 Vanilla - 500g R140 CONVENIENT AND TASTY ZH408 Vanilla - 1kg 5 PACK SUPER SOUPS R190 Beef & Vegetable • Oxtail • Minestrone • Brown Onion • Mushroom Hearty and healthy - Delicious for the whole family! HEALTH BENEFITS OF MORINGA: 90 I TC DIRECT ZH407 Moringa Super Soups - 5 x 50g 7x More vitamin C than oranges 4x More calcium than milk 4x 3x More vitamin A More potassium than carrots than bananas 3x The Iron of Spinach 2x R110 The protein of yoghurt TC DIRECT I 91

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