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HERBAL TONICS ZH247 LIQUID IRON SUPPLEMENT - 150ML • EVERYDAY ELIXIRS TO SUPPORT YOUR BODY • • A POWERFUL COMBINATION OF INDIGENOUS INGREDIENTS. • 1 LITRE May help to restore iron levels Contains Vitamin C for maximum absorption by the body Helps women with anaemia Restores energy ZH90 EYE TONIC - 100ML • • • R140 Assists with ailments that may affect the eyes. This formulation is speciically designed to promote eye health. Alcohol Free ZH95 ACID BALANCER - 100ML • • • • R165 Contains alkalizing ingredients for pH balancing. Assists with alkalizing the body and urine. Assists in increasing endurance and may aid in relieving relux. Alcohol Free R165 NEW & IMPROVED FORMULATION Moringa Elixir is a powerful sugarfree mixture of vitamins, minerals and amino acids required by the body for energy. Aloe Vera contains several enzymes known to help in the breakdown of sugars and fats and to keep your digestion running smoothly. Buchu has long been used as an antiseptic and an anti-inlammatory agent, for urinary problems and is known to help treat stomach ailments. Together these two ingredients make an effective combination, providing natural digestive support for adults and children. • Aids digestion and gut health • Assists with clearing toxins from the gut • Helps with daily bowel movements • Assists with maintaining healthy PH Balance in the body INTERESTING FACT: The Aloe plant can survive for over 100 years in the wild environment. ZH130 ALOE & BUCHU ELIXIR - 1LT 500ML A POWERFUL SUGAR FREE ELIXIR SUITABLE FOR DIABETICS. Moringa Elixir is a powerful sugar-free mixture of vitamins, minerals and amino acids required by the body to function at its best. Suitable for Diabetics. ZH152 BABALAS HERBAL TONIC - 150ML ZH115 BLOOD SUGAR CONTROL DIABETIC TONIC - 150ML • • Helps to boost the immune system for those who want to improve their strength and vitality after illness. IT CONTAINS: • 7 times more Vitamin C than oranges • 4 times more Calcium than milk • 4 times more Potassium than bananas • 4 x more Vitamin A than carrots • • • Prevent the uncomfortable symptoms of one too many drinks with our all-natural babalas sugar-free herbal tonic Helps clear alcohol from the blood Reduces toxins Rehydrates the system R160 • • Contains fenugreek, cinnamon and artemesia afra (umhlonyane) Helps support the body with cell uptake of glucose A must have for diabetics and pre-diabetics. ZH190 AFRICAN POTATO WITH FULVIC ACID TONIC - 150ML • • • • Maintains strong immune system Resets & restores good gut health Reduces inlammation Sugar free R120 R185 ZH110 MORINGA MULTIVITAMIN ELIXIR - 500ML R295 R260 80 I TC DIRECT TC DIRECT I 81

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