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HERBAL ESSENTIALS HERBAL CAPSULES A range of 100% natural, potent herbal formulations combined to target speciic ailments and conditions. They are powerful enough to assist in the relief of symptoms, but safe enough to use every day. ZH103 BANGALALA CAPSULES (15) ZH187 CRANBERRY CAPSULES (30) • • • • Improve the condition of erectile dysfunction Promote overall sexual health, improve testosterone levels & prostate health Increase blood low, vitality and performance • • R170 Improves prostate health and increases blood flow. The vasodilatory properties of the herbs in the Bangalala Capsules enhance the veins, which results in a firmer erection. ZH186 BLOOD SUGAR STABILIZING CAPSULES (30) • • • Know to help stabilize blood sugar levels. May help with pre-diabetic or insulin resistance May help with weight control. R185 Is crucial for digestion, absorption, and the creation of energy. May reduce blood pressure and be beneficial for the aging brain. Effective at improving the body’s response to insulin or lowering blood sugar in those with diabetes. Improves blood fat levels and skin health. 78 I TC DIRECT Balances yeast & bacteria to support feminine intimate health May help to reduce the risk of Candida (thrush) & urinary tract infections Supports heart health HL20 ACTIVATED CHARCOAL CAPSULES (30) • • Relieves gastric symptoms fast Helps remove ingested toxic substances from your body R135 R195 Cranberry powder may assist with urinary tract infections and the burning sensations that is associates with this. Rich in anti-oxidants and full of vitamins. They may reduce the risk of Candida (Thrush) and UTI’s. Activates Charcoal Capsules safely and actively eliminates toxins from the body and vital health is restored. ZH49 AFRICAN POTATO CAPSULES (60) ZH100 MORINGA CAPSULES (60) • • • • • I00% natural Potent antiinlammatory, antimicrobial and antioxidant Assists with arthritis, aching joints, muscle injuries, ibrosis, shingles and gout R220 100% natural and has excellent anti-inflammatory properties. Contains potent anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and antioxidant-rich ingredient. It has been used traditionally to assist with arthritis, aching joints, muscle injuries, fibrosis, shingles and gout. • • I00% natural Potent antiinlammatory, and tissue repairing antioxidant properties Increases energy Improves immunity & ights infections R185 May help you increase your everyday energy levels; helps in defending the body against free radical damage and aids in balancing sugar levels. Has a balancing effect on cholesterol and helps to promote a strong, healthy heart. OMEGA OMEGA 3 1000MG SOFTGELS are high in EPA and DHA Omega 3 fatty acids, which are derived from concentrated ish oil. Omega 3 softgels. FISH OIL SUPPORTS MEMORY & BRAIN FUNCTION REDUCES INFLAMMATION SUPPORTS BONE & JOINT HEALTH SUPPORTS LEARNERS WITH ADHD SUPPORTS HEART HEALTH ZH240 OMEGA 3 SOFTGELS (60) CAN IMPROVE MEMORY & FOCUS R245 DAILY DROPS ZH170 PRE & PRO BIOTIC DROPS - 50ML Daily use may assist with: • Reducing abdominal discomfort caused by constipation, diarrhea and irritable bowel syndrome • Boosting your immune system • Helping prevent urinary tract infection and thrush • Safe for infants and children R140 ZH150 POWER UP UNISEX DROPS - 100ML May assist with: • Increasing sexual performance in men and women • Helping to improve low libido • Increasing blood low to the sex organs • Lifting energy levels • Relieving symptoms of anxiety NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN. R160 TC DIRECT I 79

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