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SUPPORT YOUR BODY Collagen production decreases with age, so it’s important to provide your body with adequate nutrients to optimize collagen production. COLLAGEN Collagen is found in animal- based foods like ish, poultry, bone broth and red meat. WHAT IS COLLAGEN AND WHY IS IT IMPORTANT TO YOUR HEALTH? Research shows collagen is beneicial for skin health as well as joint and bone health. Collagen is a protein that forms the structural component of connective tissue such as tendons, ligaments, bones and joints. It is most well-known for its beneits to skin health. Oral collagen supplements can help reduce or delay skin ageing by improving hydration and elasticity as well as minimizing wrinkles. 10 HEALTH BENEFITS OF TAKING COLLAGEN: HEALTH & WELLNESS 1. Reduces wrinkles & increases skin elasticity 2. Builds thicker hair & stronger nails 3. Weight loss - Keeps you full longer 4. Improves gut health 5. Hides cellulite 6. Reduces joint stiffness 7. Repairs muscle & prevents injury 8. Stabilises blood sugar levels 9. Improves thyroid health 10. Improves skin elasticity & wrinkles as we age Vitamins and minerals play an important role in energy metabolism, iron synthesis, maintenance of bone health, and improving the immune system. Therefore, increasing the intake of vitamins and minerals may support the building repair, and maintenance of overall wellness. CAPSULES Max CL02 COLLAGEN CREAMER VANILLA - 300G Transform your daily coffee or tea with this beauty-boosting blend. Every serving will increase collagen density, plumping, irming and hydrating the skin and improving joint and bone health. R285 Vanilla Collagen Creamer dissolves easily in your tea or coffee, making it versatile and convenient to use. Stir & Enjoy! + 76 I TC DIRECT = CL01 COLLAGEN CAPSULES (60) R225 ZH104 Hair, Skin & Nails Max (30) ZH241 Magnesium Max (30) ZH242 Calcium, Magnesium & D3 Max (30) Beneits may include: Beneits may include: Beneits may include: R180 R145 R165 ZH243 Vitamin C Max 500mg (60) ZH245 Multivitamin Max (30) ZH246 Liver Support Max (30) Beneits may include: Beneits may include: Beneits may include: • Strengthening of nails • Growth of hair • Radiance of skin • May support immune function • Helps with absorption of other minerals • Supports and protects memory R145 • May relieve constipation • May reduce blood pressure • Helps to reduce migraines • Helps fulfill nutrient gap • Helps to boost immunity • Helps reduce body inflammation R165 • Helps heart health • May support bone and muscle function • Supports a healthy immune system • Powerful antioxidant • Helps in the detoxification process • Helps assist with energy production R195 TC DIRECT I 77

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