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TC SHOE CARE Our New Shoe care range is designed to meet the growing demand for high-quality shoe care solutions, particularly for sneaker enthusiasts who take pride in keeping their footwear in pristine condition. Available from April NEW Maintain a super clean environment with our wide cleaning range. From powerful detergents to innovative cleaning products for shoes, TC Direct offers effective solutions to tackle any mess, ensuring a hygienic and organized living space for you and your loved ones. Simplify your cleaning routine with our quality products that deliver outstanding results with ease. 58 I TC DIRECT Odour control spray: This spray is a clean scented shoe spray that evaporates fast, leaving the inside of your shoes clean & dry. This product contains alcohol and a cosmetic germicide allowing the inside of your shoes & shoe cupboard to remain fresh & clean. Takkie cleaner: Keeps your shoes looking new. A foam cleaning solution for fabric shoes, canvas shoes and sneakers. This product may also be used on nylon. The water-based, fast-acting formula is gentle on all fabrics. HK415 Odour Control Spray - 120ml HK400 Takkie Cleaner - 200ml R65 R79 HK405 White Trim Cleaner - 200ml HK410 Leather & Vinyl Cleaner - 200ml R79 R79 White trim cleaner: This cleaner is formulated to remove tough dirt & stains from rubber shoe trim and soles. This easy-to-use product is ideal to maintain your rubber shoe trimmings. The foam application is ideal for adhering to all rubbers. Leather and Vinyl cleaner: Specially formulated to gently clean, shine and restore your footware. This product will leave a long-lasting, glossy shine with a residual-free protective ilm on your shoes. TC DIRECT I 59

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