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CHEF’S DELIGHT PINK STORAGE & ACCESSORIES DRY STORAGE CONTAINERS The TC Direct Chef’s Delight Range is your ultimate kitchen organization solution. Elevate your kitchen with our premium kitchen accessories, including a versatile peeler and a convenient microwave soup mug. Explore our range of storage containers, available in 2.6 litres, 1.8 litres, and 1.2 litres, designed to keep your ingredients fresh and your kitchen tidy. LUXE PLASTIC STORAGE Organise your kitchen with our Luxe premium quality plastic storage containers with slide open lids. Perfect for storing dry foods such as cereals, pasta, nuts and so much more. STORAGE CONTAINERS PS64 Luxe Storage - 1.2Lt R170 PS65 Luxe Storage - 1.8Lt R200 PS66 Luxe Storage - 2.7Lt R270 CH250 Chef’s Delight Peeler-Movable Head R85 STORAGE BOWLS PS60 Luxe Bowl - 1Lt R80 PS61 Luxe Bowl - 2Lt R130 PS62 Luxe Bowl with Lid - 3Lt CH215 Chef’s Delight Storage - 2.6Lt CH220 Chef’s Delight Storage - 1.8Lt CH225 Chef’s Delight Storage - 1.2Lt CH200 Microwave Soup Mug - 650ml R200 R160 R155 R110 48 I TC DIRECT R190 PS63 Luxe Saver Box with Lid - 3Lt R200 TC DIRECT I 49

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