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TOP QUALITY KITCHEN STYLE BLACK ONYX KITCHEN KNIVES & UTENSILS Versatile and reliable utensils and knives for preparing meat, vegetables, bread, cheese and just about everything else in your kitchen. Store these utensils in the elegant Black Onyx Knife Block with uniquely designed slots to protect your knife blades and elevate your kitchen. BX60 Black Onyx Multifunction Knife - 12,7cm ∙ Made from high-quality Stainless Steel ∙ Features a glass lid ∙ Durable welded Stainless Steel handles BX65 Black Onyx Bread Knife - 19cm SAFE TO USE ON AN INDUCTION STOVE SAFE TO USE ON A GAS STOVE FREEZER SAFE SAFE TO USE ON AN ELECTRIC STOVE DISHWASHER SAFE R160 BX70 Black Onyx Chef’s Knife - 19cm R470 Nut crushers R165 BX72 Black Onyx Paring Knife - 20cm BX71 Black Onyx Kitchen Scissor R110 R105 BX73 Black Onyx Carving Knife - 31cm Bottle opener BX72 HIGH BOROSILICATE GLASS CASSEROLE WITH LID Excellent home cooking starts with quality cookware. Our new stainless steel stock pots range is available in various sizes. Offering up to 13L capacity to cook large portions of soup, sauce, pasta or stews, it is perfect when having the whole family over! R110 BX80 Black Onyx Knife Block - 22cm Logo on front STAINLESS STEEL POTS BX60 BX73 BX65 BX70 R160 GC01 Glass Casserole with Lid - 5.7Lt R685 This casserole dish can be used in an oven with a maximum temperature of 350C. Cook straight from the oven and place straight into the freezer 38 I TC DIRECT CK100 18cm Stainless Steel Stock Pot/Lid - 3.6Lt CK102 20cm Stainless Steel Stock Pot/Lid - 5Lt CK104 22cm Stainless Steel Stock Pot/Lid - 7Lt CK106 24cm Stainless Steel Stock Pot/Lid - 9Lt CK108 26cm Stainless Steel Stock Pot/Lid - 11Lt CK110 28cm Stainless Steel Stock Pot/Lid - 13Lt R850 R1 275 R1 495 R1 695 R1 995 R2 145 TC DIRECT I 39

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