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KEEP YOUR BABY DRY & COMFORTABLE Soft elastic waistband makes diaper it better and makes your baby more comfortable. Secure magic tape system allows easy application and snug it. Super absorbent core and specially designed transfer layer can extend the water equably. The cloth like backsheet and PE backsheet can be designed with interesting pictures to keep baby happy. Stand-up leg cuffs with elastic waist. Super absorbent, so provides multi-protection. Extra absorbent - provides your baby with dryness and comfort. TOO CUTE NAPPIES SMALLER PACKS KD510 Size S (3-6Kg) 15 Nappies KD512 Size M (5-9Kg) 15 Nappies KD514 Size L (8-14Kg) 10 Nappies KD516 Size XL (12-18Kg) 10 Nappies R60 each TOO CUTE NAPPIES KD501 Size S (3-6kg) 46 Nappies KD502 Size M (5-9kg) 40 Nappies KD503 Size L (8-14kg) 36 Nappies KD504 Size XL (12-18kg) 30 Nappies R150 each 70 I TC DIRECT TC DIRECT I 71

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