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SERUMS TARGETED SKIN CARE RESULTS WITH PREMIUM MORINGA EVEN TONE SKINCARE SERUMS Embrace happy skin with TC Beauty facial serums! A revolutionary approach to skincare formulated with natural actives that target one or a combination of skin concerns to leave your skin feeling soft, smooth and radiant. antioxidants to combat free radicals protecting collagen and elastin ibres from degradation. Your skin will reap the rewards of a concentrated formula that will give your complexion the boost it needs! SR100 Firming Serum - 30ml These easily absorbed serums are packed with natural, organic, skin-loving ingredients and deliver potent R140 each PERFECT FOR ALL SKIN TYPES EVEN TONE MOISTURISED SKIN WITH • • • Extreme hydration & plumping Improved irmness & elasticity Improves ine lines Moringa has been used for years to treat skin and keep it moisturised and supple. Puriies the skin. Prevents premature ageing. Hydrates the skin by attracting moisture and creating a barrier on the surface. May help with imperfections, dark spots and blemishes. • PURIFIES • EVENS • BRIGHTENS • REPAIRS SR102 Pore Treatment Serum - 30ml • • • Balances oil production Improves skin texture Minimises the appearance of large pores SR106 Even Tone Serum 30ml • • • Brightens dark spots Creates an even complexion Reverses skin damage SR104 Glow Serum - 30ml • • • 54 I TC DIRECT Brightens dull skin Promotes natural moisturising Speeds up healing MR15 Moringa Night Treatment Cream - 50ml MR10 Moringa Day Cream - 50ml MR05 Moringa Face Wash - 150ml MR99 Moringa Facial Toner - 200ml MR20 Moringa Blemish Bomb - 15ml MR35 Moringa Clay Mask - 75ml MR13 Moringa Face Cream with SPF50 - 50ml R140 R130 R140 R125 R125 R125 R200 TC DIRECT I 55

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