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ELITE LUXURIOUS SOPHISTICATED TRULY CHARMING MAJESTIC OUD TRULY CHARMING FOR HER A TOUCH OF FAIRY TALE SPARKLE Charm him with this sophisticated memorable fragrance wrapped in warm seductive notes of vanilla, almond and Tonka Bean. FR029 Truly Charming Fragrance - 50ml R315 ORIENTAL NOTES - AMBER & VANILLA MAJESTIC OUD FOR HIM & HER ELITE LUXURIOUS FY200 Majestic Oud - 50ml (For Him) FY100 Majestic Oud - 50ml (For Her) R325 R325 WOODY & FLORAL NOTES 34 I TC DIRECT FLORAL NOTES - FRUITY & SPICY Crafted from special Eastern ingredients, every bottle of Majestic Oud is like a piece of art. It’s got a unique blend of earthy, spicy, and sweet smells that work together perfectly. So, whether you’re getting dressed up for a big event or just want to smell great, Majestic Oud has got you covered. It’s the perfect way to add a touch of luxury to any occasion. Try it out and see for yourself why Majestic Oud is so special! TC DIRECT I 35

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