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ROSANNA GRAPE DINNERWARE ADD THE RIGHT AMOUNT OF SPLENDOUR TO ANY OCCASION. With a brilliant glossy finish, the rich and rustic dark-plum dinner set is made of the finest quality stoneware. RG08 (6) Rosanna Grape Teacup & Saucers R745 RG22 Rosanna Grape Teapot - 1Lt R430 RG24 Rosanna Grape Sugar & Creamer R270 RG32 (6) Rosanna Grape Dinner Plates - 27cm R735 RG33 Rosanna Grape Steak Plate 29cm x 21cm R215 RG34 (6) Rosanna Grape Soup/Dessert Bowls - 15cm R575 RG36 (6) Rosanna Grape Bread Plates - 19cm R470 RG40 (6) Rosanna Grape Coffee Mugs - 384ml R475 L TC DIRECT 13

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