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о SHOPRITE Cash & Carry BUY BIG Save BIG First Choice RAINBOW BRA RAINBOW Tander Tasty & GOLDİ Chicken 000 FROZEN CHICKEN BRAAI PACK 8 x 750g R265 R33,13/UNIT RAINBOW FROZEN CHICKEN BRAAI PACK 8x750g per pack SAVE R34,99 WITH CARD XTRA SAVINGS CLUB 10 x 1kg R239 R23,90/UNIT SAVE R22,99 WITH CARD GOLDI FROZEN CHICKEN SOUP PACK WITH BRINE-BASED XTRATE SAVINGS CLUB MIXTURE 10x1kg per pack Barna SASKT SASKO CAKE WHEAT FLOUR CA WH FL SASKO CAKE WHEAT FLOUR 156 12 R65 12,5kg 5kg 6×12 R89 R15,66/UNIT FIRST CHOICE FULL CREAM LONG First Choice CHOKE SAVE R9,90 WITH CARD TRA SAVINGS LIFE MILK 6x14 per pack CLUB First Choice FULL CREAM EMILK 10 x 500ml SAVE R12,50 10 FOR WITH CARD R84 R8,40/UNIT FIRST CHOICE FULL CREAM LONG LIFE MILK 10x500ml TRA SAVINGS CLUB R225 R22,50/UNIT Rama Rama SAVE R74,90 WITH CARD RAMA ORIGINAL 70% FAT SPREAD 10x500g TRA SAVINGS CLUB WELLINGTONS Excella MAYONNAIS 1 x 700ml R27 SAVE R8,99 WELLINGTON'S NEW RECIPE TOMATO SAUCE 700ml WITH CARD XTRA SAVINGS CLUB 3 x 750g R80 R26,67/UNIT Excella MAYONNAISE SAVE R39,97 WITH CARD EXCELLA RICH & CREAMY MAYONNAISE 3x750g TRA SAVINGS CLUB www 20 x 500g R239 R11,95/UNIT Rasta MACARONI MR. PASTA MACARONI OR SPAGHETTI 20x500g per pack SAVE R26,80 WITH CARD TRA SAVINGS CLUB TOPPER fruitree fruitree fruitree 6 x 200ml R30 R5/UNIT FRUITREE FRUIT NECTAR BLEND all variants 6x200ml per pack SAVE R9,90 WITH CARD TRA SAVINGS CLUB 24 x 500ml R159 R6,63/UNIT REBOOST ENERGY DRINK all variants 24x500ml per pack SAVE R5,99 WITH CARD TRA SAVINGS CLUB mini Cheddar CHEESE mini Cheddars 3 x 6x33g R75 R25/UNIT BAKERS MINI CHUTNEY SAVE R29,97 WITH CARD CHEDDARS all variants 3x 6x33g per pack XTRA SAVINGS CLUB TOPPER TOPPER TOPPER 12 x 125g R102 R8,50/UNIT BAKERS TOPPER BISCUITS all variants 12x125g SAVE 11,99 WITH CARD XTRA SAVINGS CLUB 12 x 200g Tennis R229 R19,08/UNIT SAVE R20,90 WITH CARD BAKERS TENNIS BISCUITS all variants 12x200g per pack TRA SAVINGS CLUB MA 12 x 1kg MAQ R366 R30,50/UNIT WASHAR POWDER MAQ REGULAR WASHING POWDER 12x1kg per pack SAVE R54 WITH CARD TRA SAVINGS CLUB SIGN UP TO OUR ATRA SAVINGS CLUB FOR FREE • Instant cash savings • Free delivery • & so much more EWE DELIVER FREE Simply dial *134*569* CARDNUMBER# for FREE to get started WITHIN A 50km RADIUS ENQUIRE IN-STORE FOR PALLET DEALS Minimum order quantities apply. Ask in-store for more information. Prices apply to Shoprite Cash & Carry Durban, Mount Frere only. Page 1 99€ ZNFOSWCYBS/E

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