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PURITY mild baby soap VIES baby wipes URITY mild baby 199 159 ANY 2 FOR $28 PURITY BABY FOOD POUCH OR JAR PURITY BABY SOAP all variants 175g each all variants 110ml/125ml WITH CARD PURITY Dairy with Mixed P SAVE PURITY Vegetables & Lamb 1+1 LOVIES 99 22° 72 LOVIES SCENTED/ UNSCENTED BABY WIPES 72 per pack 2499 SAVE PURITY BABY CEREAL all variants 350g/400g Johnson's baby AQUEOUS CE Johnson's 99 59% JOHNSON'S BABY JELLY/AQUEOUS CREAM all variants 500ml each each PURITY WITH CARD Mabele Baby's Soft Porridge tshalsh lengane theble M Original HE ARTICAL ROUNDER 匠 Tested Pampers pants PRICE dou PER PANTS MIDI 52 R3,26 MAXI 46 R3,69 JUNIOR 40 R4,24 X LARGE 35 R4,85 X WITH CARD 99 169€ Pampers PAMPERS ACTIVE BABY DISPOSABLE PANTS per pack X WITH CARD 99 CHUGGIES gol HUGGIES PRICE PER NAPPY JUMBO PACK SIZE 3 58 R3,10 SIZE 4 50 R3,59 SIZE 4+ 44 R4.09 SIZE 5 42 R4,28 HUG HUGGIESHUGGIES pants complete skin comfort PRICE dry comfort Jol Baby Form design with double leakguards Iry comfort pants all-night dryness & comfort gold PER NAPPY SIZE 3 62 R2,90 SIZE 4 50 R3,59 SIZE 5 44 R4.09 SIZE 6 38 R4,73 50 12 hour e protection 4+60 12-16kg baby derwear, like fit. hy waistban PRICE PER PANTS SIZE 2 SIZE 3 SIZE 4 52 R3,46 46 R3,91 40 R4,49 SIZE 5 35 R5.14 SAVE 6 46 R50 i 189 179 PER NAPPY NEWBORN 76 MINI 68 MIDI 58 MAXI 50 68 MAXI + 45 R4,22 FRALDAS PAR JUNIOR 42 R4,52 PAMPERS ACTIVE BABY DISPOSABLE NAPPIES per pack 15-25kg 99 WITH CARD HUGGIES GOLD DISPOSABLE NAPPIES VALUE PACK/DRY COMFORT DISPOSABLE NAPPIES/PANTS JUMBO PACK per pack Gentle Gentle magic THE SKINCARE SERUM Gen mac THE SKINCARE Shield ygen 72H Shield INVISIBLE 72H FROM GENTLE MAGIC SKINCARE LOTION 125ml/SKINCARE FACIAL SOAP 100g/SKINCARE FACIAL CREAM 50ml/ SKINCARE FACIAL SERUM 50ml X WITH CARD SAVE 2199 SHIELD ROLL-ON FOR LADIES/MEN all variants 50ml each WITH CARD SAVE R7 99 SAVE 1699 INECTO SUPER BLACK INECTO HAIR COLOUR 28ml R6 X WITH CARD INECTO Cherry Red Cover Conga Improved and 1799 DOLLY VARDEN GLYCERINE 100ml Doll Varder WITH CARD Protects against 95% of germe Wh Protex 10x Herbal 1299 SAVE PROTEX BATH SOAP all variants 150g each REVLON PUB ORIGINAL 120 ml do Original INECTO INS R5 WITH CARD 2799 REVLON DEODORANT FOR LADIES/MEN all variants 90ml/120ml each X WITH CARD SAVE R7 SuperBlack 99 SAVE 2699 INECTO HAIR COLOUR all variants Dark precise STRAIGHT SHINE 50ml each FROM 39° DARK AND LOVELY SELECTED RELAXER 125ml/250ml each R3 X WITH CARD sof Yos ate Colgate 1899 COLGATE ORIGINAL/HERBAL TOOTHPASTE 100ml each dawn 10S NATURAL MOISTURISERS HOURISHING REVIVES VERY DRY 400 ml LUX LUX Velvet Touch Smooth Ragrant Son For Sm whee Rose & Amond Ol R 2 FOR NEW AND IMPROVED Maximum Cavity Protection 4K MORE STRENGTHENING POWER SAVE R10 X WITH CARD + LUX Velvet Touch For Smooth Fregat Sin White Rose & Almond Oil SAVE 28 R8 LUX BATH SOAP all variants 175g 2299 DAWN BODY LOTION OR CREAM all variants 400ml each X WITH CARD SAVE R7 FROM 3999 SOFNFREE HAIR PRODUCTS all variants each WITH CARD Vaseline. BLUE SEAL pure petroleum jelly original Sta So Sta So 175 9 Aquatrena Aquafresh WHITENING COMPLETE CARE 99 SAVE 2399 AQUAFRESH COMPLETE CARE TOOTHPASTE all variants 75ml each AXE BLACK 48 HRS NON STOP FRESH 50 34.99 VASELINE BLUE SEAL PETROLEUM JELLY all variants 250ml each WITH CARD SAVE R11 FROM 48 STA-SOF-FRO OIL SHEEN HAIR SPRAY/BRAID SPRAY 250ml each R5 BRUT ORIGINAL X SINCO LEMON WITH CARD 2999 STRENGTH GLENGTH SHAMPOO 400 ml Dark Lovely SUPERIOR MOISTURE PLUS NO LIE RELAXER KIT Dark Lovely AXE DEODORANT FOR MEN all variants 150ml each OR BRUT DEODORANT FOR MEN all variants 120ml each WITH CARD X SAVE R10 24.99 GLYCO-LEMON SHAMPOO CONDITIONER all variants 400ml each X WITH CARD SAVE R8 9999 DARK AND LOVELY RELAXER KIT all variants each X WITH CARD SA Patr D 1699 KOTEX SANITARY PADS all variants 8/10 per pack/PANTYLINERS all variants 10/18 per pack KO+ex x ULTRA THIN BODY CONFORMING FIT PTO ZERO LEAKS 000000 NORMAL NEW Vaseline MEN FAST ABSORBING 48h at hydration 400 ml Sta-Sof Blow Relax Sātiskin WITH CARD SAVE 5299 VASELINE BODY LOTION OR CREAM all variants 400ml each WITH CARD SAVE R15 3999 STA-SOF-FRO BLOW OUT RELAXER 250ml X WITH CARD SAVE 999 NCFOSLCYTT/E Curl Molen Nutri-Feed Spray Moistur HEALTH OFFERS VALID FROM THURSDAY 28 MARCH 2024 UNTIL SUNDAY 7 APRIL 2024. PRICES APPLY TO SHOPRITE VENTERSDORP, 27 VAN RIEBEECK STREET. WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO LIMIT QUANTITIES. NO TRADERS. WHILE STOCKS LAST. VAT INCLUDED. ERRORS AND OMISSIONS EXCEPTED. CUSTOMER CARE LINE 0800 01 07 09 (TOLL-FREE). 6999 SATISKIN LUXURIOUS BUBBLE BATH all variants 2e each X WITH CARD SAVE R20 SHOPRITE LOWER PRICES YOU CAN TRUST Always PAGE 7 WITH CARD SAVE Dark FAT P Lovely SAVE soffree HEALTHIC Stylin WITH CARD SAVE HA WITH CARD SUPERIOR MOISTURE PLUS HAIR S BRAI SAVE NOLVE RELAXER KIT SAVE

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