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Roman's Pizza - Locations

Do you smell pizza?

Roman’s Pizza is an all times favorite South African pizza restaurant chain franchise, which dates back to 1993. It was originally named „Ceasar’s“ but it was rebranded later. The company is best known for its awesome sales and promotion and its very low price even though they maintain a high level of quality of all their pizzas and other dishes. They have a very broad list of pizzas and you can find their branches all over South Africa and neighboring states since Roman’s Pizza quickly expands. Their official website is a place where you want to order your pizza if you don’t want to go anywhere and you just want to chill at home.

Five reasons you should order at Roman’s

Feeling hungry?

Do not hesitate and order your favorite pizza or the best-looking pizza you see on the menu and call them on their number on their website. Just imagine, you are chilling at the Strand resort and suddenly, a freshly baked pizza smelling like seven heavens come down your way. You just have to search „Roman’s Pizza near me“ and you are set to go!


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