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Samsung 32"(101cm) Smart HD TV  
R 2 999,00
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Hisense 32"(81cm) Smart TV 32A4K  
R 2 999,00
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Skyworth 43"(109cm) Smart FHD Google TV 43STE660  
R 3 999,00
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Samsung 40" (101cm) N5300 Series 5 Flat TV 40N5300  
R 4 499,00
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Hisense 40"(101cm) Smart TV 40A4K  
R 4 499,00

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The product TV is currently on sale in several stores. You can buy it with a discount at Game.

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You can get the product TV at the absolute lowest price in Game, where it is currently on sale for R 2 999,00. This promotion is valid from 29/11 to 12/12/2023.


Modern televisions are no longer just a transmission medium but have a number of interesting functions. You can even communicate with the world through television.

We buy most electric receivers for the household for a longer period. This includes not only appliances that have only a practical function (such as a refrigerator), but also those that are intended to provide us with fun and distraction after a hard day's work.

  • One of the most used electrical appliances for entertainment is television.
  • And for a long time.

When choosing a suitable TV, it is good to see everything from a future point of view. Which means that even after a few years, we will demand that television meet our expectations. At present, modern televisions are not merely an intermediary for television broadcasting but have a number of other functions. They become a multimedia centre.

We can watch online movie premieres, enjoy the HbbTV function or communicate with the world.

The absolute top are TVs with thin OLED panels, thanks to which you can enjoy true colour rendering, better contrast, and brightness. One of the new features is also the ability to project on the wall. As a result, the image is optically enlarged and the experience of watching a favourite program is further enhanced. However, only certain brands of TVs are interested in this function.

It is unbelievable that the concept for the production and use of television was first introduced to the public in 1900. It happened at the World's Fair in Paris and was presented here by Russian professor Konstantin Dmitrijevich Perski, who worked in Paris at the time.

  • The first device, called a television, did not see the light of day until much later, in 1925.
  • Then the development progressed quickly, and TV became the object of interest and various experiments of experts and enthusiastic laymen.

As early as 1935, there were approximately three hundred televisions in the world. In 1936, the first television broadcast took place. It was the Olympic Games in Berlin. A year after the end of World War II, the happier viewers could watch the colour broadcast.


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