Medirite Pharmacy stores and trading hours

Medirite Pharmacy stores and trading hours

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Medirite Pharmacy Specials
Medirite Pharmacy Specials
Medirite Pharmacy Specials


Medirite Pharmacy was opened under the Shoprite Group and is located in Shoprite and Checkers stores across South Africa. The purpose of establishing Medirite was to offer easily accessible medication and health care services to South Africans.

These Medirite outlets are located nationwide and can be found in areas including Cape Town (Durbanville, Willowbridge, and the De Grendel shopping centre) Centurion (Grey Owl shopping centre), Johannesburg (Northcliff Corner), and more.

Customers can also complete an Internet search on “Checkers near me” and Shoprite near me” to locate a Medirite pharmacy in your area.

The various products available in all Medirite pharmacies include over-the-counter medications, nutritional supplements, sports supplements, beauty products, and more.

In addition, the convenient and affordable services provided include blood services; blood donation, blood pressure testing, and more, vaccination services, family planning services, and contraceptive services.

For more information on the blood donation services and blood donation facts, visit their website

You can also find a specials catalogue detailing the latest available promotional offers here.


  • Conveniently Located: Customers can conveniently locate Medirite pharmacies in Checkers and Shoprite stores that are near them.
  • Great Products and Services: The convenient products and services available at all Medirite pharmacies ensure that customers can easily have their medication and healthcare needs met.
  • Blood Donation Services: Medirite pharmacies provide SANBS blood donation services regularly. For more information on donating blood, visit the link here.
  • Job Creations: Medirite Pharmacy strives to create career opportunities by providing jobs for employees in a number of work fields. For more information on the latest vacancies available, follow the link here.
  • Graduate Programmes: As part of their objectives in promoting job creations, Medirite, under the Shoprite Group, provides graduate programmes for ambitious graduates wanting to gain work experience.


To find a Medirite Pharmacy near you, visit their store locator here. Trading hours may vary according to each store.

Medirite Pharmacy stores