Jumbo Cash & Carry stores and trading hours

Jumbo Cash & Carry stores and trading hours

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Jumbo Cash & Carry Specials
Jumbo Cash & Carry Specials
Jumbo Cash & Carry Specials


Currently operating as part of the Massmart Group, Jumbo Cash & Carry wholesalers have become the largest bulk and retail wholesalers in South Africa. With good supplier relationships, this wholesaler ensures that consumers pay less on their food, cosmetics, and general stock products.

Jumbo Cash & Carry operates similarly to its associates Continental Cash & Carry (Crown Mines, Johannesburg) and Philippi Cash & Carry (Cape Town) with 6 Jumbo C&C stores throughout South Africa. These stores are located in Gauteng, Nelspruit, Polokwane, Durban, and Cape Town. The Super Jumbo Cash & Carry store is located in Johannesburg.

The many products available at Jumbo C&C include (but are not limited to) food products-fruit and veg, meat, canned food, frozen foods, and dry foods, sweets and chocolates, liquor, desserts, beauty and cosmetic products, laundry detergents, and more.

Jumbo C&C also hand selects the best brands on the market to ensure that consumers receive the best quality with their purchases. These brands include Omo, Colgate, Bic, Cadbury, and more.

The frequent specials available throughout all Jumbo C&C stores also provide cost-effective ways for consumers to budget less on their preferred items. For more information on products on special, find their specials catalogue via their website http://www.jumbo.co.za.

A price list on all available products in-store is also available here.


  • Best Wholesale Prices on Products: Jumbo C&C provides the best prices on wholesale items on the market; these products include (but are not limited to) food products, cosmetic products, and general stock items.
  • Quality Brands: Brands of the best quality are carefully selected at all Jumbo C&C stores to ensure that customers receive the best value-for-money on all their purchases.
  • Social Responsibility: Jumbo C&C’s engagement in community support programmes is in line with their CSI policies on alleviating poverty, hunger, and lack of education. Thus, Jumbo C&C participates in a number of community programmes including donating to underprivileged schools, providing food for poverty-stricken communities, and organising Christmas Parties for children.


Jumbo Cash & Carry stores are located throughout the country with stores in Gauteng, Nelspruit, Polokwane, Durban, and Cape Town. Trading hours are from Monday-Friday: 8am-5pm and Saturday-Sunday: 8am-1pm. These hours are subject to change according to each store.

Jumbo Cash & Carry stores