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CHOOSE YOUR TECH AND GET IT ON CONTRACT. INCLUDES A MODEM ASUS Vivobook Price of Product Bundled WiFi Router + Device Get it on 3GB + 3GB* Get it on 5GB + 5GB* Get it on 10GB + 10GB* Get it on 20GB + 20GB* Get it on Get it on 30GB + 30GB* 50GB + 50GB* R3999 R309 PMx36 R329 PMx36 R379 PMx36 R429 PMx36 R479 PMx36 R579 PMx36 R4999 R339 PMx36 R359 PMx36 R409 PMx36 R459 PMx36 R509 PMx36 R609 PMx36 R5999 R379 PMx36 R399 PMx36 R449 PMx36 R499 PMx36 R549 PMx36 R649 PMx36 R6999 R399 PMx36 R419 PMx36 R469 PMx36 R519 PMx36 R569 PMx36 R669 PMx36 R7999 R449 PMx36 R469 PMx36 R519 PMx36 R569 PMx36 R619 PMx36 R719 PMx36 R8999 R499 PMx36 R549 PMx36 R599 PMx36 R649 PMx36 R749 PMx36 R9999 R539 PMx36 R589 PMx36 R639 PMx36 R689 PMx36 R789 PMx36 R10 999 R579 PMx36 R629 PMx36 R679 PMx36 R729 PMx36 R829 PMx36 R11 999 R599 PMx36 R649 PMx36 R699 PMx36 R749 PMx36 R849 PMx36 R12 999 R639 PMx36 R689 PMx36 R739 PMx36 R789 PMx36 R889 PMx36 R13 999 R669 PMx36 R719 PMx36 R769 PMx36 R819 PMx36 R919 PMx36 R14 999 R699 PMx36 R749 PMx36 R799 PMx36 R849 PMx36 R949 PMx36 R15 999 R739 PMx36 R789 PMx36 R839 PMx36 R889 PMx36 R989 PMx36 R16 999 R769 PMx36 R819 PMx36 R869 PMx36 R919 PMx36 R1019 PMx36 R17 999 R799 PMx36 R849 PMx36 R899 PMx36 R949 PMx36 R1049 PMx36 R18 999 R839 PMx36 R889 PMx36 R939 PMx36 R989 PMx36 R1089 PMx36 R19 999 R879 PMx36 R929 PMx36 R979 PMx36 R1029 PMx36 R1129 PMx36 R20 999 R959 PMx36 R1009 PMx36 R1059 PMx36 R1159 PMx36 R21 999 R999 PMx36 R1049 PMx36 R1099 PMx36 R1199 PMx36 R22 999 R1039 PMx36 R1089 PMx36 R1139 PMx36 R1239 PMx36 R23 999 R1069 PMx36 R1119 PMx36 R1169 PMx36 R1269 PMx36 R24 999 R1099 PMx36 R1149 PMx36 R1199 PMx36 R1299 PMx36 R25 999 R1129 PMx36 R1179 PMx36 R1229 PMx36 R1329 PMx36 R26 999 R1159 PMx36 R1209 PMx36 R1259 PMx36 R1359 PMx36 R27 999 R1199 PMx36 R1249 PMx36 R1299 PMx36 R1399 PMx36 R28 999 R1229 PMx36 R1279 PMx36 R1329 PMx36 R1429 PMx36 R29 999 R1269 PMx36 R1319 PMx36 R1369 PMx36 R1469 PMx36 R30 999 R1369 PMx36 R1419 PMx36 R1519 PMx36 R31 999 R1399 PMx36 R1449 PMx36 R1549 PMx36 R32 999 R1429 PMx36 R1479 PMx36 R1579 PMx36 R33 999 R1469 PMx36 R1519 PMx36 R1619 PMx36 R34 999 R1499 PMx36 R1549 PMx36 R1649 PMX36 R35 999 R1529 PMx36 R1579 PMx36 R1679 PMx36 R36 999 R1569 PMx36 R1619 PMx36 R1719 PMx36 R37 999 R1599 PMx36 R1649 PMx36 R1749 PMx36 R38 999 R1629 PMx36 R1679 PMx36 R1779 PMx36 R39 999 R1669 PMx36 R1719 PMx36 R1819 PMx36 R40 999 R1699 PMx36 R1749 PMx36 R1849 PMx36 R41 999 R1739 PMx36 R1789 PMx36 R1889 PMx36 R42 999 R1779 PMx36 R1829 PMx36 R1929 PMx36 R43 999 R1799 PMx36 R1849 PMx36 R1949 PMx36 R44 999 R1839 PMx36 R1889 PMx36 R1989 PMx36 R45 999 R1879 PMx36 R1929 PMx36 R2029 PMx36 R46 999 R1899 PMx36 R1949 PMx36 R2049 PMx36 R47 999 R1939 PMx36 R1989 PMx36 R2089 PMx36 R48 999 R49 999 R1979 PMx36 R1999 PMx36 R2029 PMx36 R2049 PMx36 R2129 PMx36 R2149 PMx36 3GB 3GB Data PM (Anytime) +3GB Night Owl (12am - 5am) 5GB ● 10GB 5GB Data PM (Anytime) 10GB Data PM (Anytime) +5GB Night Owl (12am - 5am) +10GB Night Owl (12am - 5am) 20GB 30GB • 50GB 20GB Data PM (Anytime) 30GB Data PM (Anytime) 50GB Data PM (Anytime) +20GB Night Owl (12am - 5am) +30GB Night Owl (12am - 5am) +50GB Night Owl (12am - 5am) 16 | Terms & conditions apply. For full terms and conditions, please refer to page 20.

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