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BAKERY Jumbo Croissants 4 FOR R35 Big Daddy Muffins Assorted (Incl. Vegan) ANY 2 FOR R39 Savoury Rolls 4 FOR R20 Cater Sausage Rolls 8 FOR R35 Cinnamon Doughnuts 9s 39 99 each MADE WITH STONEGROUND FLOUR COMBO ARTISAN BREAD RANGE 1x San Francisco Sourdough, 1x Multiseed Bread R45 Focaccia Slices 2 FOR R35 Mini Milk Tarts 6s R45. per box Dessert Cups Assorted ANY 2 FOR R40 BAKED LOVE Our skilled bakers are in-store from early hours of the morning to craft a delightful array of freshly baked goods for you every day. From the first knead to the final bake, every loaf, pastry, and treat from our bakery is made with love. Eureka Mills Eureka Mills Garlic Herb or Chilli Ciabatta 39 99 each OUR ARTISAN BREAD RANGE Pita Ovals Se 4499 HANDCRAFTED MADE FROM STONEGROUND FLOUR NO ADDITIVES OR PRESERVATIVES NATURALLY FERMENTED FOOD LOVER'S MARKET SCHON SUNDAY APE 2014- ACTUAL PRODUCTS ON OFFER MAY DIFFER FROM VISUALS SHOWER, AS THESE ARE SERVING SONGESTIONS ONLY TONS ADVERTISING HAWKERS NO TRADERS WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO LIMIT QUANTITIES E

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