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Avon Specials
Avon Specials
Avon Specials


Avon have been empowering women since 1886, when David H McConnel founded the California Perfume Company. In 1939, it would become Avon, named after William Shakespeare’s home town of Stratford-upon-Avon. Avon was the first direct-marketing system ever developed and has come a long way since the days of the Avon Lady and the door-to-door selling that gave women the chance to work outside their homes, in an era when they had few opportunities to do so. Avon has grown from a small perfume company in New York into a global cosmetics and fragrance industry, with over 6 million representatives in more than 100 countries. The original product line now includes jewellery, soaps, and other household goods. In South Africa, customers can purchase Avon products through any of their many representatives and online at https://my.avon.co.za.

Avon’s popular brands include fragrances, make-up, skincare, personal care, hair care, fashion and home categories. You can browse the entire catalogue online here. In SA, Avon runs seasonal specials with an Avon book for each one. You can download these brochures here.


  • Not just a beauty company: Avon is about creating products that embrace the hottest trends and cutting-edge technology, alongside everyday essentials. Avon cosmetics, as well as their other products, push the boundaries of innovation to ensure customers have access to a range of products that suit every individual.
  • Convenience: Although Avon’s direct-marketing system, with their famous “Avon Lady” and her brochure or catalogue in hand, is still very successful, online ordering has taken over. Avon has a user-friendly website that makes shopping for your favourite Avon products easier than ever. Click here and enter your Avon login details, browse the latest catalogue, and shop until you drop. Or do things the old way and get the details of your nearest representative from the website and contact them for a brochure for South Africa.
  • Social Responsibility: Apart from empowering women across the globe, Avon also supports many initiatives including donating more than $800 million to breast cancer causes and launching the Avon Speaks Out Against Domestic Violence programme.


Avon’s direct-marketing business model does not allow for physical retail stores, but you can locate and contact your nearest sales representative at https://my.avon.co.za.