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CONSTRUCTION Demolition Breakers R11950 R5950 TBREAK-205 Backhoe Digger R58950 TBREAK-110 • 2 050W • 50J • 45kg • 1 500W • 45J • 20kg MDIGBH-001 DFS400 Concrete Cutter • • • • • • • • R18950 MCUTTR-001 Cutting Speed: 5 - 50m/s PETROL Max. Cutting Depth: 120mm Width: 3-5mm Max. Power Output: 9hp / 3 600rpm Cooling Water Tank Capacity: 28l Cooling Form: Spray • Weight: 110kg Dimensions: 1 580 x 500 x 900mm Blade not included • 15hp LIFAN Engine • 250mm Bucket VISIT OUR WEBSITE FOR DETAILED SPECIFICATIONS Plate Compactors Power Trowel Float R15995 • Ø = 915mm • 5.5hp Petrol Engine ALSO AVAILABLE Tripod R845 R845 TLEVEL-322 TLEVEL-321 OPTIONAL EXTRA Length: 6m 50mm 2 3 PR PETROL ES OF ON SI AL R1045 HWHEEL-001 Model 16 Deluxe R795 HWHEEL-002 Model 24 R475 HWHEEL-000 Model 32 Deluxe R5695 Vibrating Pokers R1895 MVIBRA-002 38mm R1795 MVIBRA-003 MVIBRA-001 Concrete Mixers (Small) 3 5.5hp 480 x 660mm 120kg PETROL 1 2 HS120 5.5hp 570 x 450mm 90kg Drive Unit with Female Coupling for Vibrating Poker Measuring Wheels 1 (shown) HS090 R14995 R15995 MCOMPT-090 MCOMPT-120 MPOWER-001 TLEVEL-320 Staff Petrol Engine Plate Size Weight CONTRACTORS CHOICE R4950 PETROL CONTRACTORS CHOICE Dumpy Level With Automatic Leveling Function incl. Tripod and 5m Staff PETROL 2 (Large) Tamping Rammers 2 1 1 PETROL 1 4 Stroke, 4hp 3l 16kn L = 350mm W = 280mm 82kg 1 R29950 MRAMMR-004 Buy Online 4 Stroke, 3.5hp 3l 14kn L = 350mm W = 280mm 70kg R24950 MRAMMR-003 135l (shown) • Motor: 0.55kW 180l • Motor: 0.65kW 210l • Motor: 1kW 2 PETROL Petrol engine Fuel Tank Capacity Impact Force Shoe Size Weight ELECTRIC CONTRACTORS CHOICE DIESEL PETROL 2 160l • 3hp 350l (shown) • 6.5hp • 4 Stroke • Weight: 328kg • Capacity: 254l Volume 500l • 8hp PETROL 500l • 8hp DIESEL R3995 MMIXER-130 R4950 MMIXER-180 R7995 MMIXER-210 R6995 MMIXER-161 R21950 MMIXER-350 R29950 MMIXER-500 R31950 MMIXER-501 39 WEEK-11-(11-03) E&OE

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