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GARAGE EQUIPMENT: AUTOMOTIVE Brake Caliper Wind Back Tool Sets • Winds Back Brake Piston for replacing Brake Pads • Prevents damage to the Piston & Boot R365 R75 GTIMEK-002 R395 GTIMEK-003 • Car Engine Timing Tool Set for VAG 1.2, 1.4TFSi, 1.4, 1.6FSi – Chain Drive • Timing Kit suitable for 1.2/1.4TFSi and 1.4/1.6FSi engines Pneumatic Brake Bleeder LARGE RANGE AVAILABLE: See in store or visit our website R285 GBRAKE-018 22 Piece R395 R1195 • Suitable for VAG 1.2, 1.4 TFSi, 1.4, 1.6 FSi, Chain Drive • Suitable for 1.2/1.4 TFSi and 1.4/1.6 FSi Engines • Contains Essential Tools for Crank, TDC Positioning, Camshaft Setting and Tensioner Locking One Man Brake Bleader Kit GBRAKB-002 18 Piece Timing Tool Kits PETROL GBRAKB-001 GBRAKE-022 Suitable for BMW N20 & N26 Gear Pullers 10 Ton (Crank Type) Rated Output Reach Max. Stroke Spread 10T 160mm 60mm 250mm HYDRAULIC 1 (shown) 10 Ton 20 Ton 10T 135mm 170mm 250mm 20T 350mm 100mm 560mm HEAVY DUTY 1 R1645 GTIMEK-015 Suitable for BMW 2.5, 3.0 (N51 52-52-53-54) R1695 GTIMEK-009 Bearing Seperator Kit Combination 2/3 Jaw Pullers R1995 R2995 R5950 GPULLE-011 GPULLE-010 GPULLE-020 75mm 3 Jaw Internal & External Puller Kit with Sliding Hammer 6 Piece Telescopic Gauge Set R995 R185 TPULLG-100 R295 TPULLG-150 R895 TPULLG-250 150mm 250mm • Small Internal Puller Capacity: 15 - 30mm • Large Internal Puller Capacity: 30 - 80mm • External Puller Capacity: 15 - 80mm R385 Garage Creepers 300mm GGAUGE-001 R895 Roller Seat with Bottom Tool Tray Tools for illustrative purposes only • The all-new garage stool is perfect for the everyday use by mechanics or DIY enthusiasts GCREEP-002 Padded Mechanics Creeper HEAVY DUTY GCREEP-001 GCREEP-003 R595 TBEARS-006 • Easily replace bearing races without damaging race or axle housing • Collars fit most wheel bearing sizes • Machined aluminium construction R1295 TBEARS-005 Diesel Injector Puller Kit R1395 36" Plastic Creeper TBEARS-001 Wheel Bearing Removal Tool Kit 48" Plastic Creeper R1095 GCREEP-005 R1295 TPULLG-300 R995 • Range: 30 - 50mm; 50 - 75mm • Length of Jaws: 110mm (2 Jaw Puller) • Max. Shaft Length: 210mm 10 Piece Bearing Race & Seal Driver Kit GSTOOL-001 Swivel Bar / Garage Stool R395 R695 TPULLG-075 100mm TPULLG-050 R595 R120 GCREEP-044 44" Heavy Duty Creeper • Heavy Duty Frame Designs • 150kg rating R945 GPULLE-004 • With Slide Hammer • Ideal for the removal of stuck and seized common Rail Injectors without dismounting the Cylinder Head GAUTENG ROODEPOORT/KRUGERSDORP [email protected] Alternative number: (Head Office): 011 434 7000 (011) 664-8336 17 Carol Road, (Service Road to Ontdekkers) Opp. Witpoortjie Station, Breaunanda WEEK-11-(11-03) 9 E&OE

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