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ה any 2 for 2x BARFONE R28 Nestlé Giant Bar One, Smarties or Tex Chocolate Bar 58 g - 84 g save Coca-Cola ORIGINAL TASTE & go 2599 Coca-Cola Original Taste Less Sugar Soft Drink PET 2,25 Litre EACH TREATS FOR YOUR ROAD TRIP any 2 for Energade zere Energade R24 Energade Sports Drink Asstd. 500 ml any 4 for OREO OREO COOKIE R30 Oreo Biscuits Asstd. 36,8 g STERO SUGAR I MONSTER NERGY ZERO SUGAR Monster Pie Combo R40 Pie PLUS Monster Energy Drink Asstd. 500 ml (Excluding Burger Pies) Serving suggestion only. BEST BREW The French & Coffee Combo R35 2 French Doughnuts PLUS Coffee 250 ml PER COMBO Serving suggestion only. Celebrating 100 stores AND COUNTING OK Express 100 stores buy 2 for miste Sweet COCLED KORRE mister Sweet FECKLED EGOS R30 Mister Sweet Original Speckled Eggs 50 g buy 2 for R40 Cadbury 5 Star Ice Cream Stick 80 ml any 2 for PRINGLES ORIGINAL Right/Peso Liquids 42 R36 Pringles Chips Asstd. 42 g 5Star Star any 2 for Stimorol Stimorol R20 Stimorol Air Rush Sugar Free Gum Asstd. 10's REFRESH FOR any 4 for LESS First Choice First First Choice milki First Choice milki CHOCOLATE FLAVOURED COOKIES & CREAH FUGA R30 First Choice Milki Flavoured Milk Asstd. 250 ml any 2 for ENERG Bull R35 Red Bull Energy Drink Asstd. 250 ml WITH THESE VALUE & COMBO DEALS any 2 for aQuelle APPLE aQuelle MARULA R16 aQuellé Still or Sparkling Flavoured Water Asstd. 500 ml OK 100 Express stores Prices valid from 6 March - 7 April 2024 Prices include VAT. Valid while stocks last at OK Express Western Cape stores only. Selected items may not be available at certain stores. No traders. We reserve the right to limit quantities. Actual products on offer differ from visuals shown, as these are serving suggestions only. Certain products not available at Halal certified stores. E&OE. Visit www.okfoods.co.za for a list of participating stores. WESTERN CAPE CARELINE: 021 505 4400 or EMAIL: [email protected]. f OK Foods ok_foods_official 999 OKWCEX2475 999 OKWCEX2475

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