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Kit Kat Cash & Carry Specials
Kit Kat Cash & Carry Specials
Kit Kat Cash & Carry Specials


Originally founded as a restaurant and café in 1953, Kit Kat Cash & Carry has undergone a successful expansion with its first wholesale store opening in 1983. Now serving larger areas in South Africa, Kit Kat Cash & Carry operates in 3 stores around the country, offering consumers a wide range of bulk items at the lowest prices.

These stores are located in Kliptown, Benoni, Silverton, and Pretoria West for your convenience.

Like building material retailers including Build It, The Kit Kat group experienced further expansion by opening its Kit Kat Buildmart that offers affordable prices on all building-related materials and hardware items so that you can build your new home with ease.

In addition, the one-stop shop provided by Kit Kat Cash & Carry offers a wide variety of products including toiletries and personal hygiene products, foods, sweets, household products, beauty products, and cleaning detergents.

High standard brands are also on offer at all Kit Kat C&C stores including Omo, Koo, Pampers, All Gold, and more.

For more information on the various products available, visit their website at Seasonal promotions are also available where customers can purchase their favourite items at special prices. To view the latest promotional catalogue, follow the link here.


  • Wide-Ranging Products: Kit Kat C&C offers a one-stop shopping experience that allows you to purchase your preferred grocery items in-store. Kit Kat Buildmart additionally provides building materials in-store for your shopping convenience.
  • Seasonal Specials: Pay even less for your favourite items as a result of the regular seasonal specials offered in all Kit Kat C&C stores.
  • Online Shopping: Make your purchases from the comfort of your home while using Kit Kat C&C’s easy online shopping platform.
  • Social Responsibility: Kit Kat C&C is committed to giving back to the communities they serve by providing learnership programmes aimed to assist youth in developing skills. Kit Kat C&C also participates in fundraising for children with disabilities and provides bursaries for ambitious students.
  • Great Customer Service: Employees at all Kit Kat C&C stores are happy to assist customers with all their queries.


Kit Kat Cash & Carry stores are located in Kliptown, Benoni, Silverton, and Pretoria West. To find the store nearest you, access the store finder here. Trading hours are subject to change according to each store.

Kit Kat Cash & Carry stores