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Ultra Long Life Milk of Clever CLOVER Clover Full Cream Milk 3 Clover B Clover 3 B Full Cream Fresh Milk Full Cream Fresh Milk Full Cream Fresh Milk ULTRA full cream milk long life UH7 process Tropika Long Life Juice dclavar & Class TROPIKA TROPIKA TROPIKA Clover ULTRA full cream milk long fe UHT process 2002901 6X1LTRE 10x500ml +10999 6x1lt ing999 Clover Tropika Fresh Full Cream Fresh Milk OFANCE FLAVOURED DAIRY FRUIT BAIX Clover Tropika Eazy TROPIK TROPIKA TROPIKA TROPIKA 1lt TROPICAL FLAVOURED DAIRY FRUIT MIX B16⁹⁹ 99 21t 63499 Clover Krush UHT Juice அைைட KRUSH KRUSH KRUSH 1229 APPL 100% APPLE JUICE 100% FRUIT JUICE BLEND TROPIK TROPIK TROPIK 1307 FRUITS AND SWANN 100% FRUIT JUICE BLEAC WITH CHELS Clover Full Cream Fresh Milk Ver m Milk $10x500ml $154⁹⁹ WILMAR CONTINENTAL Excella Sunflower Oil 2lt See In-storella for Deals INFLOWER DIL 5lt See In-store for Deals 201t See In-store for Deals Excella Excella Excella OVER OL Mayonnaisexcella 12x375ml NFLOWER OIL See In-store for Deals 12x500ml See In-store Excella Excella for Deals 12x750ml See In-store for Deals Excella Excella MAYONNAISE MAYONNAISE MAYONNAISE Clover Creamel Creamer 7509 Clover Geame! Clover Krush! Juice 750g R3999 Excella Rice Excella 6x750g B16499 Pan Palm Oil Excella PANM Danone Nutriday Yoghurt Smooth Tropical Mango 6x200ml anno Peach R3499 PRESERVATIVE P DANONE NutriDay NuriDay NufriDay NutriDay NutriDay 6x100ml Ultra Mel DARKING R1799 Vaard ULTRA ULTRA Custard TRA Vanille Flavoured Custa relat MEL MEL Vanille Flavoured Custard Aunt Sally's Mix Fowl Food Aunt Sally nille Flavoured Custard Nutriday Fruit Dairy Snack CUR BEST RECIPE NET NujriDay SMOOTH F CREAMY low fat strawberry flavoured dairy snack 800 g Danone Danup DARONG DAN DANON 10x1lt $20599 2-1 Coffee Flavoured Banane 20x1kg Aunt Sally's Sally's 17499 Bhimri Rice 10x2kg $17499 MIXED-FOOD-FOWE FOOD MIXED-FOOD-FOWL FOOD 10 Kg 10 Kg Trims Samp & Beans 5kg £43.99 10kg $8599 10x500g TRIMS $6899 SAMP & BEANS 634 5kg 10x1kg $13899 10x2kg $26999 Trims Samp Flavoured Sally BHIMRI 2-1 6x1lt 10899 Nu riDay ANDHO ream snocla SMODIK & CREAMY low fat mixed fruit flavoured dairy snack 900=== lavoured 10x500g TRIMS 4499 SAMP 10x1kg $8799 5kg 2-1 900g R2799 EXCLUDING DANONG BOOST 950ml B1999 KRUSH KRUSH FRUITS&FIS BERRIES KRUSH FRUIT JUICE 0% FRUIT JUICE BUFRUIT JUICE BL All Star Biscuits 2lt $35.99 GOLDEN BES **Au Choc Mint C Golden Fresh Cream Biscuits CHOCOLATE ORIGINAL CHOCOLATE CREAM BISCUITY CHOCOLATE F&M PACKERS Sally20x1kg/10x2kg BHINE44899 5kg $11199 Aunt Sally's Sugar Beans 10kg 10kg Aunt Sally's R21999 R37999 Trims Maize Rice SPECKLED JEANS 10x500g TRIMS 4599 MAIZE RICE 10x1kg $8999 5kg $4499 64399 10kg 10kg 5kg 10kg R6799 R8599 R8799 10kg LONG GRAIN PARBOILED RICE 10kg 415199 201 YUNMA FOODS COLDEN All Star Lemon Cream Biscuits Aunt 48x45g R5499 CREAM BISCUIT LEMON 12x140g R5199 Energy Glucose Biscuits st GOLDI CRESH GOLDES Palm Olein 20lt See In-store ENERGY for Deals GLUCOSE ENERGY Biscuits GLUCOSE Golden Fresh Biscuits WTA GOLDEN FRESH SHORTBREAD kg Biscuits 48 PUTS 48x30g R3999 OLDEN FRESH SHORTBREAD 3kg R6999 Everyday Low Prices 10x500g Trims Thai TRIMS $19999 Premium Rice $39999 10x1kg 10x2kg Sall 8999 RED SPECKER BEANS Trims Rice 5kg $18999 PREMIUM Thai Rice 20x500g 5 kg Trims Thai White Rice TRIMS PREMIUM Thai Rice $14499 TRIMS 20x1kg TRIMS 28699 628599⁹ RICE GOLDEN LONG GRAIN RICE 10kg 10kg 10x2kg 5kg 13999.7099 While stocks last. We reserve the right to limit quantities. We can't be held responsible for an delivery delays from suppliers. We will not be responsible for any supplier price increases. All prices are inclusive of VAT Subject to availability of stock. E.&O.E. WHITE RICE 10 5kg $74.99 5 kg 10kg 14999 20x1kg 32299 10x2kg 32299 5kg $79.99 10kg O:B15899 3

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