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Garden Garden Master Master Garden Master BATK CHIP Vegetable/ Flower/Herb Potting Soil/Organic Compost/Lawn Dressing Seed Packs Selected range of quality seeds (532481; 532485; R20ea Reg. No. B4414; 100% organic; Benefits all soil; Improves soil structure (516961; 516958; 516959) R35ca 532486) Garden Master PRO TEK GUANOFLO 2 L Organic Guanoflo Fertiliser Slate Super (458981) Pot Set "219 200 ml Guanoflo 300 mm x 30 mm (665340) R69 (643161) Wonder 500 ml Kelp Reg. No. L2812; An organic seaweed concentrate & plant growth stimulant (36831) Efekto Wonder "199 Bark Chip Mulch Creates attractive appearance; Assists in keeping weeds in check; Retains moisture in soil (771610) Wonder R60 Wonder ORGANIC BONEMEAL 5 kg Bonemeal Reg. No. K9716; Organically- based fertiliser for the planting of shrubs, lawns & trees (36614) PRO TEK NITROSOL 10 kg 15% Lawn & Foliage Fertiliser Reg. No. K9915; Fertiliser for lawns, evergreen plants & R69 1 L Nitrosol (36868) "299 shrubs (714415) Garden Master PRO TEK 1 L Roundup Weedkiller Concentrate Reg. No. L9714; Systemic herbicide kills weeds & grasses (526987) ROUNDUP R399 199 LAWN & FOLIAGE FERTILIZER 7:1:3(15) Frost Cover 3 m x 10 m; Prevents frost damage; Can be re-used for many years; Lets 90% light through (386203) Wonder "129 Wonder 9 kg Carb 4:1:1 (21) Reg. No. K8911, L9117; Fertiliser; Insecticide for the control of caterpillar & army worm; Use on all lawns (18992) LAWN PEST & GREEN *369 PRO 10 kg KAN/LAN 17% Stimulates root NITROGREEN KAN/LAN 1798 10 kg 170 g kg N growth in lawns, R189 seedlings, trees & shrubs (737025) cellfast R329 Hose Pipe & Fittings 20 m x 12 mm reinforced hose; Includes: tap & hose connector, plus sprayer (628126) "199 5L Clear All Reg. No. L7221; Kills weeds, including roots; Spot application on infected areas; Safe & easy to use (396788) CLEAR ALL R1199 Quattro 5-piece Watering Set Includes: hose, adjustable nozzle, quick connector & female thread connector (760565) R299 Enjoy the fruits of our labour. We can install and assemble pretty much anything from sheds and pool filters, to doors and lights. Vouchers are available to purchase in-store, online or via our contact centre. Get to Builders. Get it done. Terms & conditions apply. For our full disclaimer please see the back page of this promotion. Prices valid in South Africa from 12 March - 8 April 2024 Page 5 of 8

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