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Your Favourite Discount Supermarket Gives YOU Lower Prices EVERYDAY LOXER FROZEN CHICKEN MIXED PORTIONS WITH BRINE-BASED MIXTURE CHICKEN BRINGASED MEETUNTATER IN AS SEEN ON TV Great South Afric W 1499 ASKO 700g SASKO WHITI BREA PREMIUM SLICES R SAM FEIT TAST 700 g 2 Deals Per Customer Tender in Tasty GOLDI Chicken RAW KEEP FROZEN BELOW-12 beds ekko Nomi WHITE BREAD MELON SAINS SAME FLAIR TASTE 700 g 2kg 5kg ////// 700 g GOLDI IQF Mixed Chicken Portions SPEKKO Long Grain Parboiled Rice 5kg BUY THREE 36 3 x 700g SASKO AS SEEN ON Premium TV ay Slices White Bread SHIBOBO SUPER MAIZE MEAL 2399 Coca-Cola Coca-Cola SHIRINAL THESE SHIB WOND 900g 27.99 NutriD BUY TWO FRUITY CREAMY low fat Strawberry dairy Snack SHIBOBO 900 g 10 SUPER MAIZE MEAL 10kg ////////// SHIBOB SUPER MAIZE MEAL buit 3 x 2L DANONE Nutriday Low Fat Fruit Yoghurt Assorted BUY THREE 66 COCA-COLA Original Taste Soft Drink SHIBOBO Super Maize Meal 50 2 x 900g 4L AS SEEN ON TV WEST COOK SUNFLOWER ONL AS SEEN ON TV 10.⁹9⁹ 410g GOLDEN RAY BAKED BEANS TOMATO FANGE 12.⁹9⁹ 99 500g MET MASS 410 GOLDE MACAR GOLDEN BEST COOK Sunflower Oil BUY TWO 70 78,99 99 ⁹⁹ 10kg 4L 2 x 2kg PRICES VALID: 12/02/2024 - 21/02/2024 SE GOLDEN RAY Baked Beans 延 GOLDEN MACARONI BAKED BEAN TOMATO BANGE MET MASS 10 RAY BUY SIX 48 6 x 410g OD T DEN RAY CARONI BUY THREE 33 3 x 500g today 13:25 Add BOXER On GOLDEN RAY Macaroni WhatsApp 087 093 4333 SCAN ME SAY 'Hi' & GET ALL THE LATEST PROMOTIONS & DEALS!

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