Advance Cash & Carry stores and trading hours

Advance Cash & Carry stores and trading hours

Here you can find all the information we have about Advance Cash & Carry, including the Advance Cash & Carry locations with stores, and the most common trading hours for Advance Cash & Carry. Here at My Catalogue, you can get all the information you need, such as store locations and store opening hours for your favorite retailers, including Advance Cash & Carry.

Advance Cash & Carry Specials
Advance Cash & Carry Specials
Advance Cash & Carry Specials


The Cash & Carry retailer has maintained its respectable brand as a leading wholesaler for the consumers of South Africa. Under the Cash & Carry group, the brand has offered high-quality products for the lowest prices on the market.

Other brands under the Cash & Carry group include Jumbo Cash & Carry, Metro Cash & Carry, Arrow Cash & Carry, Continental Cash & Carry, and Rhino Cash & Carry. These stores are situated across South Africa including areas such as Johannesburg, Cape Town, Pretoria, and Durban.

In addition, due to the company’s success, Jumbo Cash & Carry has become the largest wholesalers in Johannesburg. Advance Cash & Carry has further upheld the brand’s name by being the largest grocery wholesalers in Gauteng with their store in Pretoria.

The many products available at Advance Cash & Carry include general groceries, foods, and non-food items. Adding to the brand’s popularity includes the many specials available at each store nationwide.  

Weekly promotions often include discounted food, personal hygiene, and health items at the best rates on the market. For information detailing these promotions, follow the link here. You can also visit their website for information on the price list of products on their website


  • Affordable Prices: Wholesale prices on food and grocery items at Advance Cash & Carry are the best on the market and provide customers with great value-for-money.
  • Weekly Promotions: The weekly promotions available in store allow customers to pay even less on their preferred items.
  • Social Responsibility: In line with their aims in alleviating the burden of high grocery prices, Advance Cash & Carry participates in many initiatives aimed at feeding hungry children, establishing rehabilitation centres, fostering orphans, and more.
  • Job Creation: Advance Cash & Carry strives to combat unemployment by providing job opportunities in a number of work fields.


The Advance Cash & Carry store is located in Pretoria. The physical address for this branch can be found here. The trading hours are from Monday-Friday: 8:00am-17:00pm, Saturday: 8:00am-16:00pm, and Sunday: 9:00am-13:00pm.