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Zando information

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Zando is an e-commerce retailer which offers footwear of all kind and clothing from a plethora of fashion brands. So if you are looking for shoes, dresses, boots, heels, sneakers, or anything else, you should check Zando for the best possible prices there are. Zando is located in South Africa and operates mostly as an online shopping website – the official website has tons of detailed information about the retailer and also has many great offers with amazing prices. Zando was founded in 2011.

Picking clothes and shoes at Zando

There are many reasons why you should choose Zando apart from their great prices and variety of products they offer – it’s also about convenience and professional customer service which can do a great deal. Moreover, they are one of the best shopping retailers in South Africa and just this info and their positive reviews are enough of a proof to convince you that they are the number one. Zando also features a lot of specials and deals, with a sale almost every week. So you can rest assured that when you are spending money at Zando, you are spending it wisely and actually saving money because you would spend a lot more somewhere else.

Shop on-line with Zando!

Create an account on their official website so you can not only better track your orders but you can also get the latest info about their great deals and specials. You can also use your discount code so the prices will be even lower. And do not worry, if you buy something that just won’t fit, their returns policy is top-notch. Zando is also one of the many shops that are involved in Black Friday sales so you should check them up. If you have any questions, Zando will gladly answer all your inquiries. Just reach out to them via their contact details here. You should also download their official Zando app so you won’t miss anything even if you are away from home!


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