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Excella Rice 2Kg Excella Oil 500ml Easter Excella Mayonnaise 750g HAMPERS Econo Savoury Mince 1Kg AL FOR 135 Excella Excella MAYONNAISE Excella LONG GRAIN PARBOILED RICE Pride Maize Meal 5kg Allsome Rice 5Kg ALLRO Selati Brown Sunfoil Oil 2L Induna Wors 15pieces Sugar Se FOR $395 PRIDE SUPER MAIZE MEA TOPS EVERYTIME Selati SPRINKLE JOY SUGAR Sunfol 5 kg 5 kg Owner ALLSOME LONG GRAIN PARBOILED RICE WHITE AND FLIPPY MABELA A TING SUPERTIENG COARSE MADELA MEAL ACE Instant Porridge MAGELA A TI Monati mabela/ supertieng 2 kg 99 ACE 14799 2Kg Kelley Kellogg's The wh CORN FL CORN FLAKES ACTIVE ALERT TOASTED BOLDEN CER ACTIVE ALERT ASTED GOLDEN CEREAL FLAKES 24.99 each Instant O 9000 BETA BETAVITE SORGHU INSTANT SORGHUM PORRIDGE STRAWBERRY 3 2FOR Betavite Instant 2FOR Instant Porridge 1kg 4840 Kellogg's All Bran Porridge 1Kg Kellogg's The Original CORN FLAKES ASPES OLDEN CEREAL FLAKES GROWTH BOKOMO IMO Traditional ional Oats ts Bokomo Oats 1Kg 1kg High in fibre High in fibre 24 Nutrific 2FOR Nutrific R BOKOMO VEET-BIX Wholegrain Wheat scat BOKOMO VEET-BIX Wholegan Wheat 2FOR 60 450g R55 Bokomo weetbix 450g 2FOR R 60 Kellogs Kelley Kellogg's Rice Krispie DEVELOPMENT Strawbe GROWTH DEVELOPMENT COCO pops GROWTH DEVELOPMENT Wholefoods FUTURELIFE SMART FOOD PROTEN 19 PE 2FOR Kellogg's 120 Corn Flakes 1Kg Flakes PRANC Kellogg's All-Bran 1Kg/Corn Flakes 1.2Kg BOTH FOR $150 Kellogg's Rice Krispies 400g Strawberry Pops 350g Coco Pops 350g DURS DURSOTS DURS DURSOTS DURSOTSURSOTS BAKED BAKED BEANS IN TOMATO IN TOMATO SAUCE CHOICE CHOICE GRADE BUTTER BE BUTTER BEANS IN BRINE IN BRINE CHOICE GR CHOICE GRADE PROCESSED ROCESSED PEAS PEAS STANDARD GRADE ANDARD GRADE ANY 2 FOR R84 KOO Baked Bea in Tomato S ine Cered Anytime Crunch Cereal Bodicare Anytime Crunch cereal 500g 29.99 KOO Baked Beans in Tomato Sauce ✓CHOICE GRACE KO Chakal Hot & Sp Futurelife Smartfood Original/Banana/ Wheat 500g 4599 KOO Est. 1940 CHAKALAKA MILD & SPICY HOMESTYLE CHOKE CLASS IN Dursots Baked Beans in Tomato 410g 2FOR 19 Rhodes Dursots Butter Beans in Brine only 410g Gol Goodness with Rhod Quality Rooted in Goodness Butter B Processed Processed Peas IN BRINE IN BRINE IN BRINE 2FOR R30 Rhodes Quality Butter Beans IN BRINET Dursots processed peas 410g 2FOR R25 Rhodes Rhodes Quality Chakalaka Mild & Spicy Chakalaka KOO Baked Beans 410g Rhode 2FOR R 30 Rhodes Mixed Vege Mixed Vegetables CURRY KOO Chakalaka 410g KOO Veggies Mixed Vegetabl weet and spicy curry 2FOR R48 KOO Est. 1940 CHOCE MIXED VEGETABLES IN CURRY SAUCE Rhodes 2FOR 27 RHODES Processed Peas 410g LIBERTY Select LIGHT MEAT SHREDDED TUNA Rhodes 2FOR Rhodes T&SPICY 2FOR 36 32 Rhodes Butter beans in brine only 410g GLENRYCK GLENRYCK SINCE 1937 SINCE 1937 RHODES Chakalaka 410g LIBERTY Select LIGHT MEAT SHREDDE In Salt 1 2FOR Liberty R Tuna 170g R64 PILCHARDS In Tomato Sauce Glenryck Pilchards assort 400g PILCHARDS 2FOR R38 PAKCO Rhodes Gold Dis Gold Dish HOT Vegetable Vegetable Cu CHO Rhodes GOLD DISH Vegetable Curry/Hot 415g Curry 2FOR R 30 2FOR 36 RHODES Mixed Veg. assrt 410g KOO Mixed Vegetable assrt 410g 2FOR R 36 Bull Brand Bull Brand CORNED M CONTAINS POULTRY & PROTEIN MINIMUM Rhodes RNED MEAT LAINS POULTRY&VEGETABLE NO Bull Brand Corned Meat assorted 300g 2FOR R R57

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