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Sh'Zen information

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Sh'Zen Specials
Sh'Zen Specials
Sh'Zen Specials


For the past 30 years, Sh’Zen has aimed to empower South African women with a direct sales retail company that provides cost-effective beauty, health, and cosmetics products.

All Sh’Zen products are additionally proudly South African and manufactured with the best quality using natural ingredients.

Unlike other beauty and cosmetics stores, Sh’Zen offers customers a convenient and personalized shopping experience by employing consultants nationwide to assist you with all your health and beauty queries.

Sh’Zen consultants are available throughout South Africa and can be contacted here.

A wide-ranging product list of the luxurious products available through Sh’Zen includes gentle magic tissue oil, face cleansers and moisturizes, products for nails including a buffer kit, hand sanitizers, vitamins for nails, body products, and hair products.

Sh’Zen also offers wide-ranging products from their natural pharmacy including calming tablets, similar to rescue tablets, menopause support tablets, detox tablets, and more.

Fragrances and male beauty and healthcare products are also available for purchase through a consultant.

Customers particularly like to use the affordable products offered at Sh’Zen with other products including hair toners from Clicks, a foot spa from Dischem, colon cleanse Dischem products, and more.

For more information on the luxurious products available, visit their website at

Consultant login services are also available on the website, including information detailing product reviews, hair health and beauty catalogue 2017, a specials catalogue including makeup specials and valentines specials.


  • Proudly South African Products: All products offered by Sh’Zen are manufactured in South African and contain only the best natural ingredients to ensure that their skin products suit all skin types.
  • Convenient Shopping Experiences: Easily contact a Sh’Zen consultant regarding your purchase queries and have your products conveniently delivered to you.
  • Cost-Effective Prices: The luxurious products available at Sh’Zen are both wide-ranging and affordable compared to its competitor’s prices.


Sh’Zen consultants are available throughout the country with its head office in Cape Town (located near the Delivery Extreme Goodwood head office).